Stefano Bernardi's Sketchbook

It’s a lot of time I don’t post anything, so here is a WIP image of the guy I’m working on.

It’s inspired by a troll miniature from the game Confrontation published by Rackham; it’s very Paul Bonner’s style, but I couldn’t find any drawing in his book resembling this creature…

Here is a picture of the miniature: http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics3/img3e6408338b2c6.jpg

If anyone knows who is the artist behind the miniature please tell me!

Critics and comments welcome.




Cool sculpt i really like it :slight_smile: Are you going to texture/polypaint this ?



Narrowing my search on the artist who did the drawing now.

Looking good but I think you could make a few twists to bring him even closer to the original. Seeing your Orc Scout, I`m sure you will get this one right too. And beat me into recreating a part of the wonderful Rackham universe.

great job mate on the goblin character, really digging the armor and his face :slight_smile:
Looks a little cartoony for me :slight_smile: but really cool model, will be nice when you texture it!
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!
The Confrontation style is awesome, it’s a shame that the board game didn’t made it… however looks like a strategy pc game is in the works…

Xerotin, I’m going to polypaint this and try to get the best render I can within Zbrush; also I want to experiment a bit with fibers!

Silvaticus, the links you provided are great! I searched a lot for more photos of the model or some concept drawing!

Thanks KC, I love the “dark cartoony” feel of Confrontation, I hope to capture it in the final sculpt :slight_smile:


I think I’m done with the skin, now let’s go with armor and stuff!






Wow! Great work on the skin detail. Looks like he needs a massage bad :slight_smile:
Love it! Can’t wait to see the finished armor.


Thank you, jDSketch!

I’m done with the modeling, now let’s go with polypaint, fibers and render…

I fear it will take ages since it already takes a lot of time to render without polypaint, SSS etc…




Really cool bro!
The iron pieces are very style…

awesome man you have finished the high poly sculpt, definantly looking fantastic mate! The armour parts look great aswell and the overall goblin is looking very cool aswell, nice design!:+1:
Looking forward to the polypaint and the beauty render!
Cheers and happy zbrushing,

  • Kenny:)

Really cool. I like how the body fat feels heavy. Just looks overall like a heavy hitter. As a thought, maybe he should have a kind of bar attached to the bracers that go across his palms so he can grip onto to reduce rattle and any other jarring movement?

Thank you Lonn and KC!
Jerick, you’re right on the spot, a handle for those blades would fit very well in the model and increase its believability… it’s just I spent so much time modeling this guy that now I want to render and finish it! :slight_smile:

Started polypainting and shading in Zbrush… I’m quite happy of the results achieved, I’m trying to emulate the quality of the render Pixolator made with Majid Esmaeli model over here.

These are plain Zbrush renders without any Photoshop editing or color correction, I used just BPR filters.

The shader manager is quite a nightmare however… You can only paste a shader over existing shaders… how do I create a new one???

Thanks for watching!






I love this man. truly great work.
r u going to texture the whole body?

Looking great, yah it is a bit of trouble to have to copy and paste materials over existing materials. I’m not sure but I think you can create a new material by making the adjustments you wish and saving the adjusted material in the materials startup folder. Give it a try and let me know if it works.

Nice work and great renders hope you paint the whole piece would be nice to see.

DerekAnnan, thank you!
I’m polypainting all the model, and I will try to get the best render I can within Zbrush; the recent works made by Pstchoart motivated me to study more the Zbrush renderer, and I’m surprised by the quality the can be achieved even without Photoshop compositing.

Monstermaker, thanks! At the moment I’m just “overwriting” all those Zbrush default shaders that I never use, taking care not to overwrite the shaders I’m using!
When I will have finished this model, I’ll write down my wish list for the shader editor… a “create new shader” button would be a nice start! :slight_smile:

Sculptntoo, I hope to finish the whole piece in a few days as I have some time now; here’s another wip render, finished painting the skin.




we waiting for the top row?

good job !
i like it vary much!

getting closer and closer mate to finish this badboy goblin! The polypaint of his body and his face is looking great, looking forward seeing the result on the metal parts!
Are you going to give it a dirty and used look? Keep it going, soon your done and every second was worth it mate!:+1:

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Wow. the render is brilliant! Love the sculpt work and details on the armor too!