Stefano Bernardi's Sketchbook

Wow! Love the polypaint here, the veins on the feet are my favorite, really great job all- around!

Thanks guys!
Your words keep me motivated even today, as Zbrush started crashing without any apparent reason… It is particularly tedious when it crashes while I’m saving my progress… :frowning:

In your experience, polypainting increases sensibly the file’s size?
If I can’t find a solution, I’ll have to finish just the upper part of the creature, as I want also to add fibers!

Pappete, the top row is a long long way…! :smiley: Anyway every project should be made with top row quality in mind!

Xexex, thank you!

KC-Production, thanks! I started painting the armor, and spent quite a bit of time creating the right shader: it’s a double shader that reacts depending on the saturation of the polypaint, so the parts colored with a saturated color like blue or yellow are opaque, while the grey parts have a metallic specular highlight. I’m trying to paint everything by hand without using any texture, just some alphas, to get a stylized but realistic feel.

SolidSnakexxx, thank you! Your bronze cast rocks!!!

Jason jbot Basse, the veins on the feet are also my favourite part! Maybe I should paint more visible veins on the arms too!

Anyway, here’s the last render I took yesterday before all the crash thing, also this one is a plain Zbrush render without any compositing.

Thanks for watching!




I like the colors. Only one question, you used zbrush or external soft for armor base meshes? Thanks.

Gret work Stefano!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I like that a lot; the character is full of personality. Nice work with the flesh colors. It seems like the armor is going to be very good too.

Nicely done. I am looking forward to more updates!

looking awesome! can’t wait to see the finished product.

ha ha! that goblin says “bring in on!”

I wonder how amazing it will look when it is completed :smiley:

Really cool, its coming along great! Your textures are awesome, yes more veins please :stuck_out_tongue:

Grandioso, this will be really nice for sure. Looking forward to see the final version!

Thanks a lot, your support helped me a lot when seemed like my computer couldn’t handle any more stuff…!
I managed to solve problems and finished this troll guy finally!

These are single pass renders straight from Zbrush with some BPR filters on, without any external compositing or color correction; each render took approximately 30 minutes to render at 1600 x 1600 resolution with high quality settings.

Special thanks to Pstchoart and Zafati for sharing their tips about rendering in Zbrush!

In this project I discovered that standard Zbrush shaders are really powerful, and permit to achieve great results; if someone is interested I can write down a bit about the shaders I made for this piece.

Greatluffy, for the armor pieces I used some basic workflow for hard surface modeling: made a rough piece with dynamesh, quick and simple retopo in Zbrush and then crease on the hard edges.

Thanks for watching!





wow man, this is going really cool!
You are making a very good detailing and rendering dude. The armor looks from a clan, or something like that.
My foavorite part is the skin, it looks so nice.

I gotta learn how to do that. :smiley:
Great job!

Now this looks really bad ass,
I love the texturing and color on the armour.

Skin looks nice also. Very good render.:+1:

Love the character! Excellent work you have done. Very impresive and detiled !

Fantastic piece! You definitely nailed the concept. I would love to see your process on rendering.

Those toenails, No medication in his time for that I guess.

The piece is amazing. Love the textures also, and armor design.

The work is flawless, everything is beautiful.
It would be nice to share the settings and workflow rendering. It would be extraordinary

Wow great work, I love it!

I would be interested in anything you could share about shaders thank you :slight_smile:

Wow turned out class. Nice render to get out of zbrush as well.

Another awesome work^^