Squiddy WIP

Re-working an old model that I did when I first got Zbrush. I just wanted to do something… out there.

He should have a body that the head sits on. Also going to add axtra tenticles out the back of the head and out of its mouth.


Feedback welcome. :slight_smile:


CTHULHU LIVES!!! Excellent Design. Can’t wait to see where this one goes…:smiley:

thats pretty freaking sweet man. ill be watching this one closely. :smiley:

Very cool squiddy creature. :+1: :+1:

The great and mighty Cthulhu awoke! :smiley:
stunning design, can’t wait the final, 5 stars :+1:

Cthulhu Fhtagn!!! :laughing:

good work :+1:

argh! A great old one. Very nice work.

Cool. But unless I’m really wrong, it looks a lot more octopus than squid. It’s just a size issue of course. :wink:

It looks like it’s wearing some sort of space suit.

Thanks for your replies. Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to work out what detail to give the skin and shell but so far they’ve all looked rubbish. So that detail is still missing.


I’ve noticed some odd distortion on the small detail like the suckers. They seemed to be pulled in different to the posed base mesh. Will have to work out how to stop that happening. Anyway, comments and crits are welcome as always. MX

Im really digging on this one. Very cool concept!

What are you using to pose it? If youre using bones, then I would say the problem is comming from the bones not being completely centered in the mesh, or if youre using zspheres to pose it, it looks like the sections’ lengths are changing during rotation.

At any rate, good luck fixing that, and I look forward to seeing more.

Wow this is getting a lot better and better :+1: :+1:

Devaar, Cheers. I think it could be the bones aren’t in the centre of the mesh. Will sort that on the final render.

Here’s a quicker skin detail test. I tried to use photo reference instead of making the texture in Zbrush. It needed a more organic feel to it. Not sure if it works.




Awsome!:+1: :+1: :+1:

Coming along nicely. However might I suggest the suckers on the tentacles be larger and less uniform looking. :wink:

Jason Belec, What…. Re-work all those hundreds of hand crafted suckers?! :frowning:

You’re probably right. They need to be less uniform. I didn’t want to make them too big though as I couldn't work out how to get that trapezoid/wedge shape to them. It’s less obvious when they are small.


What is it with you guys in Scotland anyway??!! :wink:

Some of my best friends are from the land of ‘marbles in mouth’! Saved myself…

Post up what the tentacle/sucker you were originally going for, I’m sure help will abound. I still vote for larger and it would reduce the number of course, making it all easier. :wink:

Seen ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ yet? They did greater tentacles and suckers… reminded me of the movies of youth, creepy and fun all at the same time.

… land of?! You can tell me I’m English. :slight_smile: I moved up here for work but now work has vanished. :confused:

I’ve just found some more photo reference and yeah... you’re right. Here’s a few of them images with crewed sketches to illustrate what I was after. Actually, these are pretty good reference. I may go back and change some bits.

I was messing around for some time trying to find out a way to do this kind of detail. I had totally forgotten that you can edit Transform curve. SO I used Move transform while holding down Shift.

Anyways, thanks for the help. I now wonder if I should really worry about something so small. :|

POTC was pretty good. Not as good as the first one but the CG was astounding. If anything, it could have been a bit over detailed. Hard to make out the forms of the characters. Great squiddy monster though. :slight_smile:


As far as the skin test went, I think youve got the bumpiness looking real good. Now, going a bit technical I would say that for an underwater scene, I would lower the specular level a bit, but keep it the same for a scene where the squid (or parts of it) are above water. You know, when everythings underwater, its not as shiny as it is when its in air with a thin film of water over it. Again, Im just getting technical, and maybe overly so.

As far as the suckers go, I say go for what you like more. BTW, the front-on shot looks very menacing :slight_smile:

Devaar, cheers for your feedback. I’ve made a few more changes to the skin. It a bit more structure to it now other than just being blobby. The material I’ve put on it at the moment is only temporary. The final render will have the character out of water but it won’t be this shiny. Probably more of a clammy feel to it that out right wet.


I’ve back tracked a bit and tried a test tentacle with less even/uniform suckers. They are still quite small but not as small as the old ones.

Feedback is welcome as always. :)