Space Cadet

Really great work. would love to see the original painting you worked from.
Will you be doing a breakdown of your Marvelous Designer workflow as well?

Keep up the good work.

You can find the original illustration at Hidden Moves site, man :smiley:
He is such a great artist!

love your work ! Keep it up !


Really amazing work! Very inspiring, and thanks for sharing your breakdown!

Wow, beautiful job!
Love the mood of it :+1:

Well deserved toprow

and thnx for the breakdown of the renderlayers:sunglasses:

Thanks for the comment, man!

Congrats on top row! Awesome stuff :wink:

Looking great !!!

Love it, nice work man :+1:

Absolutely beautiful !

Thanks a lot, guys! :smiley:

Great work. Love the contrast of the clean curves of the helmet against the lines of the folds in the jacket.

Congrats on your top row.

Thanks a lot man :wink:

Amazing! I like it

Beautiful work! :+1:

I really love this one!

loved the output. Good piece of work.

congrats. it looks really awesome :slight_smile:
question: how did you create a specular pass and can i create specular map (on uv) in zbrush?

awesome work bro! really cool!!!