Space Cadet

Its nice. did you use a purple layer or just a photo filter?

I used a purple to black gradient layer on the left side of the image, then i blended it. :wink:

Nice. :+1:

Thanks for your appreciation, man!

Man, this is so Cool!!! Thanks for the beak down as well! Excellent Stuff!!


<a target="_blank" href=β€œhttps://imageshack.com/i/kndFsVJEj”><img src=β€œhttp://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/743/dFsVJE.jpg” border=β€œ0”></a>

Absolutely love it.

Thank you a lot, Ouran !

I agree - it’s a grat picture!

Thank you a lot! :D:+1:

Wow! Amasing! Like your idea! Cool!

Thanks man. It was based on a hidden moves artwork.

dude first of all great job :slight_smile: i like the render, you did very good render in zbrush, congrats

Well deserved top row. This image is striking.

Really nice render & character.Love it !!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank you guys for all the appreciation! :wink:

Well deserved!!

beutiful, thanks for sharing the breakdown, very stylish

Thanks guys! :wink: