Space Cadet

wow… quite awesome, marco!

Thanks a lot, man! :smiley:

Amazing work!

Could you talk a bit or show how you composited layers from ZBrush in Photoshop to get the style and feel you achieved in the final image plz?


Smart idea using the Normal Pass that way. I too was wondering what you’d use it for.
She’s got a big head, but it’s just beautiful ! I love the simplicity, or rather, the smart use of “space”, putting detail in the right places, having uncluttered areas too. Actually, a lot of the details are simple looking and not over done, which is cool.

This is really great. Good job!


Very very Beautiful… Great work man… Congrats…

Great work from a talented artist.

Very beautiful piece!

Super Cool! The proportions, the pose, the colors, everything is awesome.

Simply perfect! Outstanding mood and post processing!

Thanks a lot, guys! i’m very glad!
I’m really grateful for all your support, you guys can be sure!

beautiful work! I love it!

Wow!Fantastic Work!

Thanks :smiley:

Amazing work. Love your style.


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Great work ! :+1:


I took a look at the original artwork that inspired this piece, but after just watching Interstellar, this looks even more like Anne Hathaway’s character- in any case, excellent work!

Wow I am seing your comment only now haha
I love Interestellar! It is one of my favorite movies :smiley:

I did this render before the movie release, so it was a coincidence haha
But I am very happy that my work made you remember such an awesome piece