Thought I’d start a new thread with the new year as my last one loads very slow due to the movies.

This is Venom/Eddie Brock mid transformation. Rendered in Zbrush.

I was going for a very rough/raw clay look. I’ve seen a lot better but it was fun trying it out.


Thanks for the comments.




Oh that’s nice!! Very original design, I like it a lot :slight_smile:

You NEED to make a turnaround of this. It’s fantastic!

Ditto to Tyrone70’s comment, make a turnaround…love the transformation

Great render mate!

great works…looks blobby though…u cud put a bit stretching and tension

giganotosaurus1993: Thanks I have wanted to do venom for a long time but always thought better of it.

Tyrone70: Thanks and Yes I will. I havnt made one for a while. I am moving house at the moment so will have to wait.

d100763: Thanks. Done in Zbrush.

SuperHer0: Thanks.

gfxdev: Thank you. I see what you mean. I sculpted and rendered this in about 2 hours just before I packed up my house. Maybe some time soon , some drool and some stretching goo across his face pulling on the skin.

Thanks for all the reply’s. and thanks to ZBC and its members for this great thread. Happy New Year to all.

this is really cool … really liked the teeth , they have that evil dominating smile …
gr8 work.

sanketpro3d: Thanks man, The teeth actually blend from normal human teeth to sharp teeth. Its hard to see in these views.

this is crazy man! love it…great idea too. you see a lot of venom’s but i like your take a lot!

sarakawa: Thanks man, I wanted to do venom for a long time but got over it when I done carnage because there so similar. I seen this rough style and the transformation was intriguing so This is what I ended up with.

I have been watching a lot of traditional sculpting on YouTube for inspiration and I highly recommend them as I am from a digital painting background not sculpting.
Heres one I really like:

Sculpting the Art Critic by sculpit on YouTube

I dont have my good computer at the moment so I have to stick to just sculpting and simple renders for now. This is another clay type sculpt of a creature thing. I wanted it to look like it was sculpted from a clay block.






Wow, this one is pretty darn awesome. I like the “mask” he’s got on. Keep these comin’!

Wow great works! Really like your style. I think your concepts are nice as well.

Absolutely impressive! your renders are getting better and better :+1: post more of these :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonderful sculpt with a real clay feel to it. :slight_smile:

giganotosaurus1993: Thanks man. I got the idea from ‘baby face’ (horror film)

killfrog58: Thanks. I hope to make something a little different.

SuperHer0: Thanks. These are getting pretty fun to render.

Paint Guy: Thanks.

This is a female version.

You could also invert the standard Zdepth for an atmosphere pass.







beautiful renders!, beautiful sculpts, beautiful day! what an excellent start, those sculpts with clay look are damn good:+1:, thanks a lot for sharing your setup for render!

Wow, I like this one more than the last by far, very nice designs, I love how they are protruding out of the block at the bottom, very artistic :slight_smile:

P.s would be cool if you showed a complete workflow for one of these :slight_smile:

That last render is too good. I’m still surprised what ZBrush is capable of. the clay feel is pretty cool too.

wonderful renders Soulty. don’t kill me , but couldn’t you do the fog with an imverted DOF map. why do you actually render your DOF map trough fog?