Soul Eater - WIP

Here are some screen caps of a new character I started. I created the low resolution base mesh in ZB, exported it to max for optimization/edge looping, exported it back to ZB for sculpting. In the end his textures will be poly painted and I’ll generate normal maps from the high res mesh. Hope that makes sense. I’ll post progress pics as I go and hopefully it will help someone out there who wants to accomplish the same thing.

The low poly mesh in max is around 6,400 triangles. He’s far from being finished, but I’m setting a budget of 10,000 for myself and so far so good!






What a sweet lookinh chap! I’m guessing he’s a Republican though.

Great modelling!

LOL Yes, definately a republican.

Here’s another small update. I added a bottom row of teeth and sculpted in some more detail in and around the mouth.



I sculpted in some more details on his arms and legs and overall smoothed out some wrinkles here and there.




Well, it only took me six hours to figure out how to remap the UVs on this dude’s mesh in max and import it back into ZB. I was pretty close to giving up.

This is encouraging, because I created this guy completely in ZB3, base mesh and all, then exported him out to max.

For anyone trying to figure this out, as long as you pack your UVs, reset xform and then export the mesh, it will work.

Here’s a render of the normal mapped image rendered with Brazil. There are a few seams here and there but overall the results are better than applying GUV mapping in ZB. His total triangle count is 9400.



Here’s an update. I started texturing him to get a feel for his overall look. Also I adjust his proportions, added more detail, etc. The back needs a lot of work.




Dude… This OWNS!!!

I hope you get top row

I think he is beggining to look really good! My only suggestion would be to make him less symmetric. The folds on the back and chest for instance are almost 1-1, even the minor folds have a pair on the other side. I really dig his footwear btw :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more!

I guess he wont chat to resolve the situation when facing him.Yikes!!

Damn cool nasty fine work!

Fess - I agree 100%. he’s very symmetrical. I plan on I’ll put some effort into that tonight. I’m not too happy with how the legs are looking yet either. I’ll keep at it. Thanks everyone, keep the crits coming!

No major updates here, just wanted to post a progress pic to keep the thread fresh. I did some sculpting on the back, legs, and arms. Did some more poly painting on the back, around the mouth and on the stomach.



grate work so far waoo

I brought him inot max and rendered him out in Brazil and here are the results. I’m currently working on adding some tattoos on his skin. I did some more work on his back. Not too happy with the bags on his feet. I think I’ll work on those next. Also his calves are looking funky. I’ll smooth those out as well.




Looks good except for the seems on his back. Is this a hi poly render or is this the low poly model normal mapped?

I threw a turbosmooth modifier on him for this rendering simply because the shadows looked wierd in places. The seams will be painted out in bodypaint. I will probably be the last thing I do before I call it done.

From the front, this guy looks viticious, but it loses something for me when i view from the side, i think its the under bite of the jaw, it makes him look almost too subdued, i’d nearly take it in a bit, just a personal preference. All in all, it Looks great!

Haven’t had much time lately to work on this guy, but I managed to put in some time over the weekend and now he’s done. Hope you like it.





This guy is great. good work my fiend! I can’t wait to see what comes pouring out of his vile mouth!

WOW! You deserve top row!

Just updated to 3.1. Decided to put together a little composition. Hope you like it.


Edit: darkened blood a tiny bit.