souce file for the HotKeyDrawSize.zsc available?

Is the souce file for the HotKeyDrawSize.zsc available anywhere?

Not that I know of. Why did you want it?

I don’t like the way it changes the brushes in leaps of 10, I just want to change it to a 2.
Yeah, I know there are other ways of scaling the brushes, but I’ve been used to the [ ] keys for so long in photoshop and mudbox.
How difficult would it be for you to write a quick script that changes the 10 to a 2? It’s be much appreciated if you would :slight_smile:

Also, have you ever considered writing a script to give brushes a memory in zbrush?
In mudbox, each brush retains it’s own settings, which is a better system IMO.

Here you are. :slight_smile:
Unzip and put the .zsc file in your ZStartup\ZPlugs folder. The hotkeys are the same (the others are disabled) and it increments by 2, unless the value is less than 10 in which case the increments are 1.

Also, have you ever considered writing a script to give brushes a memory in zbrush?
In mudbox, each brush retains it’s own settings, which is a better system IMO.

Have you not found the Save Brush button at the bottom of the Brush palette? You can save many settings, including Brush size. Check out the Wiki:


Cheers for the script Marcus, it works fine.

THat’s not quite what I meant about saving brushes, I mean while modeling, and flipping back and forth between the brushes, that each should remember the size, strenth, alpha and falloff it had from the last use, and also whether it was add or sub.

I know you could set up a macro, but it’s not really the same thng, since every time you go to that macro brush it reverts to the original macro settings rather than the settings you had the last time you used the brush.

It’s a nice idea but this isn’t really possible using zscripting. I say it isn’t really possible because there is a way but it’s not satisfactory because of ‘features’ in the zscript code.

The main problem is monitoring the interface. ZScripts or plugins can only do this while they are active and the moment a different plugin or macro is used they cease to be active. The solution is to set up plugin buttons to use instead of the UI ones but that’s when the features mentioned above begin to spoil things.

This is a very nice script Marcus!

You wrote something very similar for me in zb2. I was wondering (when you find the time) if you could make a revision of this script that does the exact same thing as this one. Except instead of moving in steps of 2 it moved in steps of 4?

Thanks mate. :smiley:

Hello Eric,
I can go one better than that. :wink: Here’s a version that has a slider to adjust the increment, any value between 1 and 20. Whatever the slider is set to, when the brush size is 10 or below the increments will be 1.

Unzip and put the .zsc file in your ZStartup\ZPlugs folder. Restart ZBrush and you’ll find the adjustment slider in the ZPlugin:Misc Utilities subpalette.


wow that is awesome!

It took me a minute to find the slider though;)

very cool script, once again marcus!


Glad you like it. :slight_smile: Yeah, perhaps I could have put the slider somewhere else but if you use it a lot you can stick it on the interface. I’ve just uploaded a little update so that the setting is saved between ZBrush sessions, so if you want it at 5 it will stay there.


Oh even better!


Is there a special zscript command to force things like this to be saved so that every time you start zbrush they will be loaded?

You just have to save the setting to file whenever the slider is changed and load the setting from file whenever the plugin is called. Here’s the code:

Wow, thanks so much marcus!

One last question that I have been meaning to ask you.

Do you know if it is possible to assign the f1 - f12 keys in zbrush to be hot keys for different things? perhaps through scripting? I have not been able to do so.

Unfortunately not. They register with codes that are equivalent to other keys, so that, for example, F3 is the same as ‘R’ and F4 ‘S’.

sorry to revive an old thread, just wondering if this script is still working or if there is an update for zb3.1? because I loaded this script and it still only increases draw size by increments of 10. any help would be appreciated.

there is a slider under, zplugin > misc utilties labeled “br amount” that is where you set the slider amount.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot! =)

Thank you hugely! You are a star.

Thanks! This script has been really useful to me.

Thanks dude! This plugin is a life-saver for me. :slight_smile: