souce file for the HotKeyDrawSize.zsc available?

ya could we get HotKeyDrawSize.Zsc pre-compiled for 3.12b

I also want to see if I could modify it to Raise and lower the Sdiv by 1 using a button so I can assign it a hotkey.

would the sdiv slider be “Geometry:Sdiv”

Is there a reference somewhere for the menu/sliders in Zbrush?

Keep in mind I am a script noob but can learn pretty fast with a few examples.


The most immediate way to see any ZScript command’s syntax and often to see an example of usage, is to go into the ZScript menu and click on the “CMD” button.

Then, if you grab the handle on the ZScript window just below the screen and pull it open (up) a bit, you can click and scroll through the entire ZScript command set.

You’ll be looking for the ISlider command in this case.

However, the better option I think is to go to the Wiki and search on Zscript Command Reference. There you’ll find the command set and lots of examples.

Also, if you need to see any button’s complete path, just hold Ctrl Key down and cursor over the button… (look @ the bottom of the popup box).


very cool Sven
heh right out in front of my face the whole time

this script stuff is fun :wink:

canned, couldn’t you make a macro that toggles between the two levels and just assign a hotkey to it?

ya that would be the easy way;)

But I thought it might be cool to have a couple fundamental Zscripts under my belt. A slider changing script like this one makes a great template. I figured out what the issue was with the script and how to up and lower the mesh resolution but still working on the incremental from the slider. But I will get it eventually.


A while back TVeyes posted a neat little ZPlugin package called Tiny Tools which included a utility he calls a Subdivision Switch which sounds similar what you are trying to make.

The whole Tiny Tool set is remarkably useful and what’s more remarkable is that he provides the source scripts for them as well. If you want to see how his Tiny Tools version works you can find the zipped .txt files >>> HERE <<<

Frankly, the sample scripts are a little overwhelming (as often happens, making something simple to use requires a complex investment in behind-the-scenes code).

But if you are trying to learn ZScripting this might be a good place to start - TVeyes demonstrates a good eye for interface design and good technique in his scripting implementation - lots o’ meat on dem bones.

Note, too, the terms of usage he outlines in the same post.



Welcome to the wonderful world of zscripting. :slight_smile: You mentioned the HotKeyDrawSize.Zsc. You should already have this - to check, look in the ZPlugin>Misc Utilities submenu. There should be two buttons for <<Brush and Brush>>.

I’m glad I finally came around to viewing it though. It’s fortunate that the plugin seems to work just fine in ZBrush 3.5 too. Thanks for the awesome plugin. I wish I had those kind of skills.