Sopromat - troll clericon(DW3 entry)

Hi! I used ZB3 on my DW3 entry a lot. All sculpted, posed and textured mostly in ZB.

Mental Ray render of low poly(9000 triangles) model with textures(2048)

Zbrush shots


3dsmax scanline renders of low poly, 3 lights












What what WHAT?! Great job. Love the amount of pics, it gives us a good look behind the curtain. Thanks for posting.


… love this kind of work. well done!

Good God
That’s incredible

5*… too good!

Great work! i think maybe the colours could have been a little stronger, it has a slightly washed out look to it
but a exceptional model. I really like how much expression you managed to work into the model.
good luck!

awesome work man. top 10 finish for sure i reckon

Thats so cool - Look at all all those sub-tools!

cool stuff!

This is brilliant!! I am in love with this character - I instantly make up all sorts of stories about him when I see him… simply brilliant.

Is it on purpose you made him look small in the first image?.

Awesome work! love it :smiley:

very nice job :+1:
composition and model is awesome :slight_smile:

…of the book ! :laughing:
Cool work! :+1:

Wow so that is what lowpoly is coming to? The concept is really what gets me tho, the mish mash of "technology, shamanism, warrior elements really creates
a sense of wonder in me when i look at it and try to figure out who and what this guy is and what he might be up to.
Good Job!

Way to go Max!

It was awesome watching the progress of this character over the last few weeks. The level of detail is awesome here with a lot of personality.

Good luck with the Dominance War!

We are still going to Starbucks at 4pm today :slight_smile:

great job Max!

This is amazing and has so many small details to look at :eek: . I have double the enjoyment when I see a great piece of artwork like this and someone like yourself ahs gone to the effort of showing a break down. I really like the finger nails, the page markers are great, and the patch work fabric just gets you thinking of him sitting on a rock doing a bit of sowing, sipping on his drink and reading a section, :slight_smile: love it!!

Really Awesome Work Man! And deserved Top Row!!! :smiley: :+1:

OOH man am getting goosebumps !!!

BTW how did you do that grass ???


Great work man! :+1:

Wow! The attention to detail and all of the accessories on this guy are great. I really love the concept too! :+1:

However, my one critique would be the text on the spine of his book. The style of it feels completely out of place and it’s so fuzzy compared to the crisp look of the other parts of the render.

Maybe if you incorporated the color scheme of the book details into the lettering it would feel more at home, or if you made the lettering look embossed/bumped-out or engraved into the spine it would fit better?