Sopromat - troll clericon(DW3 entry)

Image great!!!

Behind the scenes better!!!
Many thanks and the best of luck!!!

the whole piece is awesome but i would realy love to tell us your grass technique!

other than the very nice model, i especially like how u textured his robe like its a bunch of materials stitched together. great job mang

Thanks guys :slight_smile: The grass was the simplest part of everything:

Model a bunch of grass from splines and create hills from a plane with Noise modifier.
Select grass and create\compound object\scatter and pick up hills as distribution object

Attached is max 2008 scene for you




i LOVE how this year all the professionals came outa there cubicles and crunch hours to join this contest! I too joined, and it totally makes all the time spent on this contest worth it, to see such talented people toss in there ideas and skills. I cant wait for next year, when even more people take part!

Your piece is beautifully done. madd love for this one!

JokerMax your awesome man! thanks for the grass tutorial!

What a great flight of fantasy and fun that is contained within this piece. I love the little bookmarks poking out from the pages.:+1: :+1:

Nice work :slight_smile: Удачи в конкурсе :wink:

wheres the shut gun?
nice sculpth tho

Excellent work!:+1: thanks for the grass tut.


Firstly Max, beautiful work :slight_smile:

I know this is probably a basic question that gets asked all around the forum, but I’ve been using Z-b for a few years now and I really only have one problem with it. Texturing.

Whenever you build a complex model like this… do you use GUV tiles and projection master? If so (or if not) could you kindly tell me the process you used to texture this model?

The results for me are generally quite poor - to the point where I actually fix the model in place these days and then paint directly onto it. It seems to be the only accurate way for me - and to be honest, it drives me nuts.

Look forward to your reply!


Wonderful sculpt! I keep going back to find new details. Well-deserved top row honors.

Thanks Matt. I am new to texturing in ZB myself but basic process is following:

  1. sculpt multi sub-d level mesh
  2. enable texture\colorize and vertexpaint(polypaint) as much as you want
  3. go to lowest level and create GUV tiles
  4. export highest geometry level to 3dsmax and export texture as well(flip V b4 export)

step 1-4 i have done for all sub-tools. After step 4 you can already render a nice picture of your high poly in 3dsmax.

  1. in 3dsmax build low poly and bake everything (normals, ao, diffuse) from multiple high poly subtools to single low poly

After this point its all Photoshop

beautiful model, I was just wondering how you modeled the pages for the high poly?

Many thanks for the explanation Max, - texturing always frustrates the hell outta me.
I shall start the new and improved method :smiley: ie. yours!

Thanks again,

this is beautiful…!!!..congrates for a top row and 5*…!!!..very inspiring and great to see the maps too…!!!:+1:

MAX <- render to texture… normal Texture Baking??
I can not speak english… :frowning: