Some Zbrush and Max Work

Hey all here is a look at some of the things that I’ve been up too, I got asked to place some stuff up here so thanks. These are the final renders but the all use the one of the greatest tools out there, Zbrush…WHOO!!! Some are old some are new but there isn’t too much Zbrush envrio stuff out there the unreal stuff is in real time, thank pixologic there the reason why games look the way they do now, and normal maps of course :laughing: If your would like to see more of my work or want these files let me know davidlesperance.blogspot.com
Stay Metal

Wooow! I can’t say anything,just

Hey dude thanks I got a project for school commin up thats should be pretty cool thanks again mate.

Amazing and the work you got on your site is of the same caliber. 5 from me.

fantasy, great work:+1:

Hey dudes thanks for the kind words

So Jaime Labelle from pixlologic sent me an email asking me to post some of my work on the forum its been a while so here you guys go, any feedback is great, I’m still rockin the school thing workin full time at Robomodo chicago. Any feedback is metal.


love those columns - really beautiful work :+1:

Hey dude thanks your work is crazy man huge inspiration. Thanks again

tutorial. now. please. :smiley:

That stuff is insane!

Thanks mates I got a ways to go though.

Great post, you have this great style going, always good to see good work of this caliber. Love the archi stuff. :+1:

This is simply outstanding…
no wonder someone asked you to post them here…
am sure these would leave most speechless…
This is flying top row !!!:smiley:

Wow ! The sound of a huge toprow !
Thanks for these great pictures David ! :wink:

yo metal dude!! congratulations for the top row! very well deserved :smiley:
keep rocking hard my friend, you’ve been doing a fantastic job so far!

Beautiful environments! Those columns are amazing.

Your stuff is looking great, David! Beautiful details. Very clean.
Congrats on top row! Good to see you are staying metal :slight_smile:

Dudes thanks mates, here’s hoping the next improve. Thanks again for the killer feedback

Out of this world beautifull, love the old and new mix in the columns!! Intricate yet clean.