Some works - Gilberto Magno

Hi guys. This is my last work I did for 3D Fan Art Challenge. There was not time to end this way I am presenting. The challenge was two months but I only worked 15 days on it. I did he practically only in zbrush and composition in photoshop. Hope you enjoy!




looks good, but i have 1 question.
when you rendered your diffuse pass, it looks like you had a shader applied. shouldn’t you have had a flat shader on there?
i doubt the results would’ve looked any more different though

pabgo - Thank you. Yes I could have used a material flat there. But I had already set some materials in diffuse. So I don’t want to miss this setting. :slight_smile:

good job Gil :D!
I would love to hear any tips for the fibers on the rope

Great character

How do you render a Cavity pass in Zbrush?

great work

Cool warrior. Great model, texture and render.

perfectly executed, congrats:+1:

Great modeling, great pose, great render.

Good Job!

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the comments appreciate it. :slight_smile:

dic1405 - Thank you! For the fibers on the ropes, I used the uv master to do mapping and then used a texture tile of fiber as noise in surface with the “uv” on. A texture like that “http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5224/5592419092_8e931f0e6b_z.jpg”.

BlackMath - Thank you! I used the matcap “Framer01” default of the zbrush 4R6. I used it for some highlights in texture, like scratches. And I also used it to give a little sharp, not to use photoshop filter and blow the pixels.

Great warrior! Cool detail! Thanks for sharing render passes

Great work m8! :+1:

This is amazing dude well done. Question. The rope around his waste, did you sculpt it by hand? or did you use make it in an external program? I assume it was a dynamesh to pull out the frayed ends? Or are they separate subtools?

Thanks! I’m working on a similar piece for SF4 why I’m asking before I approach it. Get some ideas on how to handle/create rope.

Keep it up man.


digitalmax - Thank you dude!

JL-Art - Thank you mate!

ColonelVirus - hey man thank you! So, for the frayed ends of the rope I used maya, gave some extrudes in some faces and zbrush with the brush move, inflate and some rotates to let more harmonious.

large render:




Inspiring your work! very dynamic

Nice stuff, I like how beat up his face is, good detailing!

Great detailed work and Style! I hope to see more in the future! :smiley:

Thanks a lot guys!

The structure is very good

Hi guys, I would like to share my last work with you here.

I love the art of the Angers (MinSoo Kim) so I decided to do a fan art about his work (Norse).

Hope you enjoy!









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