Some recent works

Awesome work! Such diversity in styles as well. Great inspiration!

We do luck out with internet in NZ, maybe with the GCSB bill they will have more reason to lay down the fiber optics faster.

Keep up the awesome work buddy!

Awesome!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:nice sculpt:D


Your sculpting skills and execution bring joy to my face. Thanks.

amazing ! love your works !

Awesome work and congratulations with the Top Row position, well deserved!

Were the grey renders of Loretta Young made in Zrbush? And may I ask you how you make the eyes of your models so lifelike, a short tutorial in this regard is much appreciated?

Thanks a lot everyone! And sorry for the late reply, just back from vacation.

I was in Rarotonga when I wrote that msg. $0.3 per MB, and I was happy when I was able to get the connection working :slight_smile:

Those renders were done in 3dsmax/v-ray. All modeling and even some texture tweaks were done in ZBrush.

There are a lot of parameters that goes into making eyes feel alive. I’m actually gonna start writing a tutorial about the creation of Loretta Young for 3dtotal where I’ll speak about that. I’ll probably post the link here or at my site when it’s done so keep your eyes open :slight_smile:

Again, thanks again everyone! It’s a huge honor being up there on a site I’ve been admiring for so long.

amazing work

Beautiful work on everything! I love the female portrait; she has such a story and world-weariness in her eyes. A little bit of a Marion Cotillard sort of feel in her face as well, which I think is great. Cotillard has that yesteryear pin-up quality, too. Anyway, this is truly one of me favorite portraits I’ve seen posted. :slight_smile:

Fantastic work!

I saw the beauty of Art!
very beautiful!!

I honestly can not pick a favorite from your work. It’s all just amazing. Thanks for sharing it:D

Thanks so much everyone!
Here are some new works that I’m able to post online.

Ibn Battuta, created for a game by Puya Arts a while back. Decided to work on him a bit more.

Model views from ZBrush:

And this is a collaboration with the great Dean Yeagle, who’s the designer of Mandy.

These are renders of the characters:

And here are some 3D prints by Ownage:

Full turnaround of Mandy as well as more info of the project can be found here:

Thanks for looking!



Superb work. :+1:

great job.just love it.:wink:

Those prints came out nice! :+1:

Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

yeah, kudos to Ownage for that!

wauw! anders. very ice prints indeed. it must be fantastic to see your 3d work in real 3d. heheh

looking forward for more from you.

ps. what was the name of that 3d comic book or comic adaption you did 5-10 years ago, together with neox and nanoneen (i can only remember their usernames)? -i just came to think of it the other day.


[HR][/HR]Nice work! I love it.

Rasmus, hey man! Glad to see someone still remembers those times.
We had several projects going on, don’t think you can find them online anymore though. There was Prehysteriks(cavemen), Ghost Hunters, Space Duck and we collaborated with stenarts.com
for one of the cgtalk challenges as well.
Thanks for your comment, love your stuff!