Smashing hulk! (step by step added Pg. 3)

Hey guys.
It my first time posting here although I’ve been a Zbrushcentral addict for many years.

This is a hulk I’ve been working on in my spare time.
Its not done yet but i got good feedback on FB so i decided it deserve to be my first post here.

I would love to hear what you think and get feedback and notes.





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Looking awesome man!, great pose! :slight_smile:

WIOOOOW what great energy and form! i fckn love it!!!
more renders plz!


I second that, such awesome energy! :slight_smile:

Cool man! You should print him and hang him on a thin wire :slight_smile:

Great proportions and pose!

Great work!! It’s one of anatomically best hulk I’ve seen. Turntable would be great to confirm that :wink:

Hey man, this is Awesome

cool !!!

That is brilliant, love the energy.

Thank you very much guys! :smiley:

Wow, such a sense of power and impending destruction, best Hulk pose I’ve seen, super work, cheers :+1:

Impressive! :+1:

Wow! Love everything about this! Well done indeed!

i’m not liking the big mouth, that much, but the rest is really nice looking.


Looks really good. The anatomy is really well done.

Awesome sculpt. Anatomy and pose look great.

****ing cool

love it !! well done !!!