Smashing hulk! (step by step added Pg. 3)

So awesome, stunning piece!!


I’ve been thinking about doing a Hulk for a long time now. This inspires me! Keep it up!! :+1:

Edit: Kind of hard to tell from those angels, but is his bicep a bit skewed and small?

This is wonderful

wow, love how dynamic and aggressive pose you achive, true nature of Hulk itself

That is great! Love the dynamic pose!

Hey everyone,
here is an update on the “Smashing HULK” model.
Modeled in Zbrush, Textured in Zbrush and PS and rendered in Maya (mental ray)

If you want to see more of my work you can visit my web site or my Facebook page.
Site: http://www.yanirart.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yanir-Tearosh-Art/1560104784226297

I hope you would like it.


WOWWWW That is terrific !GREAT SCulpt!!!

Best Hulk ever, and there are a lot of great ones out there.
I’d buy the statue
If I had any crit, it would be to push hands and feet.

man the previous one was already great this is really amazing!

wow , great work , congratz…

Haha, wow, awesome energy! And I like the subtle stylization. Great work.

amazing sculpt

I love this sculpt! Great job all around! :slight_smile: (I would love to see this thing 3D printed!)

I saw this on Facebook, incredible work!!!

Thanks you so much guys!

im so happy you like it.

More news coming soon

This is awesome, my new favorit Hulk, i love it.

OMG lol this is amazing. He looks awesome

Nice sculpting! Love it.

Thanks everyone for showing your appreciation - it relay means a lot to me!

Here are some B.P.R frames of this green guy.
and a turntable.






i’ve made a small making of on this project.
ill post it later on today.