Skin textures (files)


there are 10 skin textures (from my back) attached here.
they are 512 x 512. if you want bigger ones, just let me know.
it may help some newbees here.

more textures



last ones

Thank you man this is helpful for me


let me know if you want bigger ones. i have up to 6 megapixels here

If you post the 6 megepixel ones I’ll supply a link to them on a fast server.

Or just post them. I would love the high res ones

… I can’t post files bigger than 500 Kb. that’s why I haven’t post before. just let me know your email so I can send them to you.

its jasonwelsh@houseoftutorials.com

thanks :wink:

Hi. Can you post 2046 x 2046 files?



havent got them yet will post as soon as I get;)

the 512 ones are great! cant wait.

i just sent you the email.
if you like it, i can send you more.

PS.: snark: i think canned will post the pics on his web site. unfortunately, i can’t post pics bigger than 500 k here

send all you want if it gets to out of hand we will just make a small texture place for the community.
hmmm that almost gives me an idea.

use this link for now

and i’ll set something up here with my programming skills;)

username: zbrush
password: zbrush

after they are uploaded you can browse them using this link also

Upload as many HIGH res textures as you want that can be used to paint with

Keep it organized
example Skin_back_1_Jason_Welsh.jpg
or Skin_textures_Jason_welsh.zip

anywho something like that

Something like that

This means anyone
The delete command will not work for you so dont try it;)

These textures are great!
I would love to have the high res ones.
Could you send me

Very generous of you. Cheers!:smiley: :+1:

i just uploaded four ~2K skin textures.
i may have commited a mistake and uploaded 2 equal pics, but, anyways, you can see which is repeated.
the textures are the _DSC******
hope you like it.

the link:


:smiley: hi pacini thanke you very mush fore all the stuf ,pleas if you can sande me a hi 6miga by mail CHABAH83@GMAIL.COM :smiley:

The large files can be found here

The growing resource for Royal free textures;)


Thanks for the Skin Textures… Saves me time… I’ll reference your name when I use them…