Skilling Spree... SketchBook

Great Model with a lot of character and a nice render. I like it a lot.

Very Awesome! iv always wanted to sculpt a turtle myself!

If i may give some feedback, the 3 kunai in his belt would tear his legs open if he moves where they are placed now. id try and change the angle of the blades maybe, or move them to the chest?

Looking great!

I like the improvements you made to the size and the render is amazing. Those knives are growing on me as those katanas keep him pure Leonardo, maybe just 2 knives? I cant wait til you finish this

Great stuff man!!:+1:

Hey Guys… thanks for all the comments. I just moved to a new country, so I’ve been a little out of action. Got around to building the Low poly version, came in at around 11 000 Triangles, and then started playing around with the textures.

@ Jeh In & JohnnyRaptor… Thanks guys, I really wanted the Kunai to work, I always like the way it’s being whipped out in Naruto all the time. But with the size of the hands, the finger will have to fit through the hole, so the Kunai needed to be huge, and it just looked silly. Then I tried putting it on the shell at the back, but there’s no way he would’ve been able to reach it.

good result. i like it

Awesome Leonardo, very nice realistic version of him.

Love it. Badass!

Hey All… I started reworking an older character I couldn’t quite get done a year or so ago. Basically a witch barbwired to spiderhorse(go figure:p), still a pretty fun project.

The horse part is pretty much done, still a lot to do with the girl… I just put the image in to show how and where she would be, but main parts are pretty much in place.

This is really, really cool.

Love it!


Tx Eric… appreciate it. Started out pretty goofy, but turned out kinda cool.

Quick update on chick progress…

Sharpened up the cloth areas… and added turn arounds…

Wow awesome cannot wait to see the final on this:+1:

Thanks Dman3d… She’s coming along pretty good, busy texturing at the moment.

Did a quick update on Leo with a small environment… still want to add a few props, looks a little flat.

Leonardo is looking awesome :+1:

nice work:+1:

Amazing man… congrats!

Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it…

Did a quick touch-up and re-render of an old sketch I did of Ursula few months ago… Rendered passes out of ZBrush, and comped in Photoshop.


Very good job !