Skilling Spree... SketchBook

very good sculpt man:)

Dear Ruan,
Let me start by saying this first. Your sculpts have good anatomy, nice wrinkles, nice pose and overall quality.
But i image you are not posting ur work here so everyone would say how cool u are and how they want ur babies. I always found that 1 critique explained with advice is worth more then 9999 praises.
So on that notice i wanna point out some things i didnt understood or saw before but with time and experience i have started to see these things at first look now.

Your main problem is symmetry… Most of us often forget to turn that X off and that puts us in bigger hole. Your pose is great but first thing i saw is that everything is symmetrical. And thats impossible especially for the pose you choose and the facial emotion that ur character is expressing. Pick up the move brush. Move few things around and try to look how ppl wrinkle when in that emotion. Also pick up smaller radius standard and do move wrinkles on eyebrow region. Try to make them flow but in smaller volumes. U got 4 big lumps that seem unnatural.

Keep up the good work. When u start breaking symmetry u will see how your characters get 100% more quality and 1000% more realism…

P.S. I was mostly speaking about Mickey since its most noticeable

Great sculpt! This guy is awesome.

Working on learning how to do meshes myself in zbrush. Dude you should seriously build a full model and put that into a world like secondlife. That would be sick to walk around as a badass like king kong lol. My goal is to create some monsters and even a gorilla myself make full models for SL. Just would be fun to create my own models for SL. Anyway man keep doing the models excellent job!

Thanks Huber, berendey, RageNrock

@Mikelian: Thanks man, I was mainly try to get many characters out quickly, and as soon as the faces looked good enough I proceeded to the next ones. It’s true, I only did a small amount of asymmetrical details here and there, but too few to notice… will step it up a notch.

@Gutsimlord: Thank you, didn’t even know people can make stuff for SL… will check it out.

Tried my hand at Gollum, so many versions and expressions out there, was a fun one to do… but think it could’ve turned out a little better…


Really excellent work! Keep it up. :lol:

Did a quick sculpt of Venom over the weekend… Tried polypainting him, but the black is an absolute nightmare to render, don’t know if I suck at rendering or at texturing :mad:. Maybe there’s some tips floating around(wink wink)


Very cool venom. I did one in sculptris for my first scult ever. I am now working on my second for the Halloween challenge. Here is a link if you wanted to see my crappy Venom. www.youtube.com/user/ethanashton

Hey All, just finished up a pretty long project, so I used some of my new found spare time to work on this guy… Saw the concept art by Dave Rapoza (which is freakn epic btw), and wanted to do a sculpt in roughly that style.

Want to take it all the way to a real-time character, if time allows… but still a few details to do and things to sharpen up.

I like it! Nice details!! How did you do the swords handles?

from a technical standpoint You have created a wonderfully detailed model, the face is amazing. As i scrolled down i was met with disappointment. All these random straps are ok, but the pockets are a bit out of place and those weird knives indicate this is the 5th unnamed turtle? I nearly cried (jk) when i saw the redo of the elbow pad to some dirty looking cloth and then the big problem : PROPORTIONS. If this concept artist you are following designed super long arms and ridiculous over-sized feet then count this turtle fan (since the 80’s) out.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these are my opinion, if you ignored my fanboy-like concern you would still have a wonderful unique model

While i think this sculpt is really well done
i agree with the arms feeling too long
From a functional design aspect the swords feel too long to actually be pulled from his
back and the knives in the belt dont look as if they could actually be pulled from the handle upwards
but all in all i think its really well done
with surfacing detail, pose and feeling of weight

Wow awesome turtle! I love your venom head too. Great work!

Nice sculpt !

This is looking really nice. I think you could improve it by reducing the size of the hands and also slightly reducing the size of the forearms. Also I think the legs need a little rework as the feet look a little too big. Don’t get me wrong, I like the style that you’re going for with the large limbs but I think that they’re not quite sitting right at the moment.
Anyways thats my 2 cents, Really love the face and torso, looks Real mean.
Looking forward to seeing more!

Nice Turtle! I actually kind of dig the proportions, but thats just my opinion. It would still be worth playing with them and seeing if you can improve on what you’re going for.

The swords do seem a bit overblown though.

Either way, awesome model! Love the surface details and the face is great!

Hey guys, tx for all the comments and critiques. I did go for more stylized anatomy proportions (turtles do have very thick and short limbs), so I went with the bulky forearms and wide ankles, but I might have overdone it a little.

Made the forearms and feet a little smaller, and the legs slightly longer. I measured the swords in a handle to hand ratio, which made it too big, so I re-sized that as well.

Still not sure about the Kunai blades on the side belt. I do want some form of visual interest there, but I also don’t think it’s very functional there.

Just a quick test on the polypaint/render workflow, not really my strongest area of expertise, so it was a lot of trial and error. Rendered layers in Zbrush, composite in Photoshop.