Skilling Spree... SketchBook

Hi All

I finished a work project about 3 weeks ago, and had some spare time… so I decided to do a few head sculpts to up my skill set.

I gave myself about half a day per sculpt, just to drill in certain skills, and then went back to each and just fine tune. I learned a great deal from the Santa Monica guys, I’ve been through that thread so many times;). First imitate then innovate I guess, so I decided on a few characters and just went for it.

Here are the first four…


Elmer Fudd

Lucky Luke








Nice work, the last one looks really good. Clean good forms and detail, sinister feel.

Love them all, especially the last one. Is that Ursula from the little mermaid?

gg man! great style!

Really cool sculpts! The first is my favorite. I would like the cowboy better if you fixed his hair.

ursula looks great! love it!

The sculpts are very nicely done.

But im very sorry to say that none of them did match in any wise with the guys.

Ursula looks like a very fat man. There is nothing female on her. Even if you could see the breasts, she would look more like a transvestite than an evil lady :smiley:
You need to get more nto female studies. Women have another skull structure than men.

Lucky luke looks nothing like the guy. Its more a cosboy doing cosplay than a character from a cartoon stepping out from the tv.

Elmer Fudd looks more like the evil aggressive pink guy in dragonball than the tiny, gnomy, kind and stupid guy he is in the cartoons.

Akuma turned out quite well!

It’s hard to give cartoon characters a real life face. I had to face the same problem in some works as well, the only hint i can give you is to orientate on paintings and drawings and not on photo references who could match this character.

The most important thing is how you can bring the personal characteristics and the physical appearance on one rail. Catching these is the artistic part in it. When people are able to recognize the cartoon character without superficial hints like hats or other characteristical objects, then you got it right.

The sculpting is really well done. Sure, the likenesses might not be 100% but I honestly couldn’t care less. That will come with time. Hope you post some more.

Then of course I forgot that I’m on zbrushcentral.com and everyone is either a master at the program or anatomy expert…:rolleyes:

That’s a complement since Ursula’s design for the Disney movie was based off a very fat drag queen named Divine. :wink:

Nah what im saying is just that she doesnt look a bit like ursala.

I don’t know how she was invented or with which artistic aspects behind it, I can only say that i grew up with that series <3
As kid you absorb characteristics in an unfiltered way.

Too bad they show only asian robots in TV these days, they should feature the old good ones again, they have been educational, ain’t em?

you keep on keeping on, ruan

I feel like you just called me old! :eek: … which I am so it’s okay.

I think it depends on what Ruan was going for. If he was trying to copy the characters then, yeah, he missed. But if he was going for something more inspired by/capture essence of, then I think he nailed it as the characters, though different looking from the originals, were instantly recognizable. (At least by me, except for Lucky Luke who I’ve never heard of.)

And that is the coolest looking Elmer Fudd I’ve ever seen.

Hey… thanks for the comments guys. Appreciate it.

Just to clarify, the main purpose of these speed sculpts were just for me to do a lot of faces, and it’s just easier having a character in mind, and then do my own version of it. I focused on the different facial structures, and then blocking big shapes, then medium, and fine detail. Akuma was easy 'coz the style already has a lot of big shapes, where as the cartoony characters I did in my own style.

Anyway, finished up another one… Lets call it Mickey:p


I was just rewatching a few clips of goblins and orcs from LOTR today. This is looking really nice.

Mickey is fricken sweet, great expression:+1:

nice sculpts, ursala is my favorite, and i think you nailed it.
definatly not disney, and good for you

Mickey’s looking awesome!

Oooo, very nice! The skin wrinkles and the expression are wonderful… and creepy. Wonderfully creepy :D.

Thanks for all the comments guys…

Another head sculpt… untextured, my first time doing a gorilla. Very interesting anatomical differences between apes and humans. Learned quite a lot.:smiley:


very nice gorilla!