SketchBook: TheGreenMachine *contains nudity*

First of all let me introduce myself:
My name is Luke Groen, i’m a student @ IGAD in holland (Internation Game Architecture and design, if your interested in the fancy name)

I was kinda shy to put my stuff up here between all the amazing art that gets posted here. I often spend nights just scrolling though the countless sketchbooks and now finally got together the courage to start my own.

I have known Zbrush for quite a while, however I only got seriously in to it a few months back. I will never stop…:smiley:

anyway lets get to my art.

This is my most Recent work (this week)

I found some challenging ref so I tried making this old man eating his own face
made from Zsphere basemesh, about 5 hours in total spent, still Wip

Well, this’ll be it for now, I have summer holiday atm, so I’ll probably update frequently.

And plz, crits :slight_smile:





The old man looks so funny!, great job!, that hands looks so cool also!, and the las one i love it, great job!! :+1:

Thx man, glad you like :+1:

These models are brilliant man, they look like wood carvings, which is cool. Is that purposeful?

thx, great to hear seanL

well not specifically purposefull, I think it’s a combination of the shader and the harsh techniques I tend to use, that create that feel (I myself though it had something of roughly handled clay or wood indeed). I kinda stumbled upon the look. Glad you like :smiley:

Been busy today doing a little testing and messing around. I’m used to using quite an elaborate basemesh made in maya for my meshes. I wanted to try to get a Zshpere basemesh going.


let me know what you guys think, these are all very WIP so crits are very welcome






I was not sure what to do with the alien character, so I decide to go and study a bit of anatomy.




no crits? :frowning:

hey there !
cool works here.
I really love your alien !
Great start on your sketchbook
Keep it up :wink:

Really good stuff TGM, I would crit your latest model, the anatomy study, but you know how I am with anatomy eh?

I’m liking the alien you made from ZSpheres though, it’s nice looking :smiley:

You’ve got some really cool stuff here :wink: i especially like the alien designs.

with regards to the female sculpt if your going for an younger model try making the muscles around the mouth less pronounced and give the overall sculpt a smoother finish, a more rounded jaw and slightly angled eyes can also help; for older models the muscles should also be less prominent than in a male figure but hinting at the muscles with the line of wrinkles and fatty deposits can often give a better result than pushing the muscles more. There is a good video tutorial on gnomonology for sculpting a female figure which may be helpful. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

OlirO: Thx dude
seanL : hehe, thx dude
HD CG ADDICT: Thx and thx for the crits!

Ok small update coming along, didn’t do too much, it’s vacation after all:p

  1. Anatomy update, fixed stuff in legs (although these still need alot of work) and some minor stuff in the torso. I’m going to start on the feet and the hands today.





Good work on the models.

You've definitely got the forms a lot better with the new female model my only advise would be to go back and tweak the point where the [sternocleidomastoid](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sternocleidomastoid_muscle) meets the clavicle and the curve of the clavicle as it heads towards the shoulders. The breasts are ok but I think they are  pointing a bit to forward try blocking in the rib cage first then “laying” the breasts on top, this should make it easier to get the angles right. The face is good no real crits there :+1:

 you can add custom colours to the [syspallete](http://www.pixologic.com/docs/index.php/Color_Palette) found under the colours tab but if you only want them whilst your working on one model I would suggest just adding the colours in 2d mode on your canvas then drag from the colour palette onto the colours to select them (its just a bit quicker In my opinion).

first-off thx for the crits, i’ll be doing a third attempt soon

second, i’m gonna risk sounding like a big noob here, but what exactly do you mean by “2d-mode” cause when I go out of what I see as “3d mode” and do something else, I can’t get back into the 3d model…(or can I?)
could you maybe clarify? thx in advance

The way I do it and to be clear its only a personal preference is: make a new document switch the matcap to the flat colour chose the colours you want and paint them into a small corner of the screen (like a little palette) using the simple brush then save the document (so that I can be loaded again should you need to work on the model more than once). you can then drag your 3d tool onto the canvas and work normally.

This does have a draw back that if you wish to add more colours you must reopen the saved document add the colours then drop the 3d tool back onto the canvas. I tend to use this method if I have a predetermined colour scheme. If you use this method and you add a new colour to your tool but you don’t wish to add it to the canvas you can always just drag from the colour picker to the area on the 3d model where the colour you want has been painted this will then set that colour as active. Its all a matter of what suits you best.

Another way I have seen used is to append a plane as a sub tool and use that to store colours on; just fill the plane with the flat colour matcap and its ready to be used as a palette. And another method is the syspallete I mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps

Hey Greenmachine, great style. Fresh!

Independent of the femme anatomy things mentioned earlier I’m not really sold on the armor plating on the alien. Very hard thing to pull off in zbrush proper without a hell of a lot of masking and smoothing. Would be nice to see a quick bang up of new topology and that made into a nice little hard surface model in max or maya.

Good stuff though man, high five.

@ HDCGADDICT: Thx for the tips, very helpful (I had a bit of a D’OH-moment when I watched the industry designer Tutorial in the Zclassroom today, where some of your solutions were mentioned:p,) I really like the plane as subtool option, incidentally (sorry spelling) that was the one not mentioned in the video, so thx again :smiley:

@stoofoo : thx man, yea I know the armor stuff is a bit messy at the moment, but you made me go back and work a bit more on it. You were right about the amount of smoothing involved:p I think the re-topo would be the best option, but I wanted to try to get it in by just sculpting, it’s really good practice I find

Anyways here’s a new WIP(still lots to flesh out and clean up)




Didn’t have much time to do some sparetime sculpting for a few days, but got round to making a orc buste. Had fun making this. Crits welcome, especially the backmuscles i’m not quite sure of yet.


I plan on taking this guy up a few notches in the next couple of weeks adding armor and whatnot. but it would nice to recieve some Crits at this stage :slight_smile:



small update


still have to do some teeth, but I was too tired :rolleyes:



I thought a little update was in order.

This guy is an older character I made for a school project, decided to revamp him a bit. obviously based on the hulk, but I like to think he’s going into a little bit of a different direction. His name is Animal, and basicly his main trait in the game is that he can throw around some cars, so some bulkyness was in order imo :smiley: I’ve been messing around with him for about a day now, still (as usual) need to do a bit of extra work :wink:


calling it quits for today, now for some topgear :stuck_out_tongue: