Sketchbook - Mine.

So I’m still rather new to ZBrush so I’m still focusing on getting the right volumes rather than finishing the details and painting. Here’s a batch of quick sculpts I’ve been doing in my free time.








Very nice and expressive sculpting.:+1:small_orange_diamond:)


A quick attempt at recreating Bernini’s Damned Soul as practice for my sculpting class. I kept it a bit too low-poly and got half way through the hair before I decided to leave it as it was. Getting the inside of the mouth, the teeth and lips was quite a challenge with so few faces to go around.


Took a break to sculpt something random. Ended up with this the base for this somewhat goatish looking creature after a short twenty minutes and took the rest of my time cleaning it up and trying to get the hair to work.

I’ve been using Zbrush and 123D catch to give myself an undo button on the one and only stone sculpt I’ve ever done (taking an intro class just before graduation of course). It seems to work really well though I’m going to end up being way too picky in the end as I try to line the two up (I’ve done several more iterations of the sculpture beyond this point already).

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Someone posted a request for a low-poly Leia to use for a Hologram project the next afternoon and I happened to be avoiding my school work at the time so I spent some time sculpting a base. Turned out pretty well, though I only dynameshed it twice and I plan on retopoing it so I can sculpt the cloth in there (I haven’t ever tried before so it’ll be interesting).

Anyone know any useful ways to separate the arms and torso so it could be reposed (not the right workflow for it, I know)?


According to the latest reports, this was what the legendary Beethoven may have looked like. Or not. (Bored with my current actual sculpture of the man).

The Real Face of Beethoven.jpg

And another happy face with some gracefully flowing hair.


very good sculpts. yes form is first, detail is just eye candy, you do this right :slight_smile:

Excellent sculpting … I like what you are doing here! :smiley: Wow … Almost missed your Composer series, they are amazing!!!

Cheers, David

I decided to practice with some more characters. I started out thinking of a specific idea but really after that I just made up as I went. I need to go out and absorb a few more facial details to mix things up, I can already sense myself reusing the shapes from Beethoven’s face that I’ve been working on.

Started small, with a standard big nosed character. I still like to keep the dynamesh resolution really low to keep myself from trying too hard on certain things.

Next I moved on to a big muscled guy with a mask (as it turned out). I originally had the head comically small but decided that my muscle style wasn’t quite stylized enough for it.

Last, I decided to try a woman rather than my typical man (or non-human). Originally she looked a bit like an old smoker but eventually I turned it around and ended up with this refined looking woman. Skipped out on the hands to save myself ten thousand hours of work.


Here’s yet another random face for the collection. I messed with the idea of external muscles in some places but hopefully they aren’t distinct enough to warrant anatomical examination since I don’t actually know the facial muscles all that well.

This is a study done for the first assignment of Scott Eaton’s Digital Figure Sculpting. I got a bit carried away and turned the quick study into a longer one but it was a nice challenge trying to mimic the more random surface forms rather than strictly the muscles. It took me a good bit longer than it might have though. I’ll have a turntable up as soon as it’s done processing.


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Here’s my female torso for the first week of Scott Eaton’s figure sculpting class. A bit late on the render but oh well. Had a bit more trouble getting this one’s volume, particularly in avoiding making her too muscular (the model was very fit). Looking at it now I can pick out some of the major form changes, a bit too stretched in the torso for example, but I don’t know if I’ll go back to fix them or not. I’d be glad for any other critiques though.

And here’s a progress on the second week (also behind. Surprise!) I went a bit crazy with some skin details since I had the reference images for it. I still analyze the anatomy and all that but it seems to help me un-idealize the body a bit. I have a few more poses to go and the bulk of the work is done in the actual low res posing.

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Great looking anatomy!

This was the third week of anatomy study assignments for the class. I haven’t rendered out the second week yet (a torso with arms at 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees) but here’s what I ended up with for a pronated and supinated bent arm. It is all on the same base mesh and was rotated so that, theoretically, the geometry would animate realistically (layers are applied in a linear fashion though so I can’t slide between them).

I had fun with this one and spent a lot less time on it than on the other ones since the arms are less disturbed by skin.

After trying to model a set of chops in Maya for a while, I quickly realized how futile the task was given my dislike for smooth preview and my inability to grasp the volumes of the teeth quickly enough to be productive. Instead I caved and tosses a pair of bent blocks into Zbrush and sculpted away. An afternoon later I came up with this, I nice study and a useful asset to have in my library next time I need a set of teeth. I could potentially extract each tooth and use the entire piece as a base for any future dental needs.

First up is a quick bust I made a bit ago. I used him to mess with the SSS settings for awhile and forgot to post anything for him. Here he is, with some of my recently gained rendering skills to boot.

The Grump.jpg

Finally got back to doing some of the assignments for the digital figure sculpting class I had started. This was the fourth part, sculpting our own hands using a provided base mesh. As usual, not so quick as it should have been due to me being slow and liking to get the wrinkles in there. Very good practice though and I used it as an excuse to improve my rendering. My wrist is sore from trying to twist my arm around so I could see the wrinkles on the far side of my hand while keeping it bent to its max in that direction.

I’ll probably have a turntable up of this once I bring it into Maya for a better render (assuming I do that). The group render is partly inspired by the assignment preview and partly arrived at by stubbornly staring at the computer and refusing to go with an overly contrived symmetry or anything that really would remind you of the Sistine Chapel (you can’t just go about delicately raising your index finger unless you intend to draw that comparison). The single render is a better view of the pose but was really just a test to figure out my layers.

Enjoy staring at my hands!

Hand Single.jpg

your hands are beautifully skulpted

Made a series of distorted faces because I realized they were both fun sculpting and good practice. Turned symmetry off and broke some faces.

The first face was literally scraped into a sphere that I smeared with the snakehook brush. Not the most successful face but it was a good start.
1 Scream_A.jpg
My second face was much more complete. I wasn’t sure how much of the head I was going to do for most of the process.

The third portrait is probably my favorite. I hadn’t intended to smash his head in with a ball but the space sort of just formed as I sagged his face. I even thought I was going to stop short of a wax and stick to skin wrinkles but thankfully that wasn’t interesting enough.
3 Droop_A.jpg3 Droop_B.jpg
I added some actual teeth in my next sculpt, sticking more closely to an actual image in my head this time around.
4 Startlement_A.jpg
My last sculpt is just a bizarre moon man (not to be confused with bananas). I really had no idea where I was going with it and I hated the initial design for quite awhile until I made it work.
5 Moon Man_A.jpg

A bit late on my halloween dump but whatever, Enjoy!

Cool Design i really like it