Hey guys !
I’ve finally decided to start my own sketchbook.
So here is the first entry: Who Is Spock.
I’ve started this to exercise my portrait skills with Zbrush, and decided to take it a little bit further.
So I’ve tried to make a Mr.Spock of our days. He could be a simple astronaut, or Mr Spock himself who came to pay us a visit from the future. You decide :D.
So… Who is Spock ?

<!--[attach=162531]WhoIsSpock_ZBC.jpg[/attach]--> [<!--[attach=162529]WhoIsSpock_WIP.jpg[/attach]-->](http://javascript%3cb%3e%3c/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27162529%27,%27WhoIsSpock_WIP.jpg%27,1,0%29) [<!--[attach=162928&thumb=1]WhoIsSpock_ZBC_thumb.jpg[/attach]-->](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27162928%27,%27WhoIsSpock_ZBC_thumb.jpg%27,1,0%29)[<!--[attach=162615]ZBCTHUMB.jpg[/attach]-->](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27162615%27,%27ZBCTHUMB.jpg%27,1,0%29)

Wow…really nice work…awesome render! At first glance I thought it’s a mix between Spock and Jean Luc Picard :smiley:

May the force be with you… oh wait :wink:

Very nice work! The likeness is superb. Really cool sculpt and render :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Amazing, I like very much

Beautiful work…
very nice render

Love it !
P.s. you may check a bit specularity map. From the image it seems like hs’s sort of sweating, but other than that, outstanding work!

Wonderful model, Andrei! Great work on the modeling and the textures. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
May I ask which Material you used (the gray one)?

wow really good.especially the skin rendering !
…i wish you were live in the same area as i do,
so i can bug you everyday and force you to teach me:D

Sweet work Andrei! That’s a very cool take on the original Spock, pretty unique from what I’ve seen around. The rendering is particularly very well done.
Looking forward to see more works here !

That is soo good!
The texture and render is awesome. I really like the expression on him.

that is sick. i love the final render!

Wow that’s a brilliant render!
Well done, sculpt is great too, but man
I gotta brush up my texture and render skills!
5* from me =)

(Lol everyone seems to be opening sketchbooks
lately it’s becoming a trend in these last two days)

as I never render anything and go straight in to fabrication (I only get as far as a screen cap), i just have to ask.

how much time do you have in a rendering like this.
great stuff


awesome work

but mr spock is a slender straight nosed guy i think his nose is flared and
the tip need to be flattened a bit

but anyways thats a suggestion

overall its great awesome best

you lived him again buddy

as i always say keep em comin

Hey Guys !

@ SolidSnakexxx, thanks man, you are right he could be Captain Picard as well. Some times along the process of modeling i thought he was looking a little like Michael Jordan from some angles. L.O.L @ Captain Sensible, hey ! may the force be with you, too :D, yeah i love Star Wars , too :D , Thanks man! @doses22, Thanks! @ivar_sn, Thank you! @Nemoid, thanks ! you could be right, but i liked that sweaty effect.. don't know why.. but i guess it adds something to the skin that makes it more natural. i'd tried some renders without it , and it didn't looked good :D @Moni-Poroni, hey Moni ! Thank you! really glad you like it.The material is one i've downloaded from pixologic MatCap Library, and it was done by Nick Zuccarello, and its's called just Gray_nickz, in Zbrush. @dhasian, Thanks man, maybe we'll be neighbors someday :D . @undoz, Hey Andrei , thanks man, I hope more works will come soon. @Husse, thanks! @sarakawa, Thank you! @Darukin, thanks, I guess you are right with the sketchbooks, but i think that's a good think, It seams that more people are starting to work more and mor with the Big Z. @T.S.Wittelsbach, hey Thomas, Thank you , I'm really glad you like it, your work is extraordinary and it's many times better then a rendered image, cause they get to be real 3d objects, witch is soo coolll. About the render time this one didn't took too long , just about 6-7 minutes with Vray, Just the hair pass slowed it down a bit. I did some tests with mental ray, witch came out to larger amount of render time , but no larger then 10 min. Here is a bigger Zrender, i'll try to add some more WIP images tomorrow. [<!--[attach=162616]WhoIsSpock_WIP_01.jpg[/attach]-->](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27162616%27,%27WhoIsSpock_WIP_01.jpg%27,1,0%29) [<!--[attach=163353&thumb=1]WhoIsSpock_ZBC_thumb2.jpg[/attach]-->](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27163353%27,%27WhoIsSpock_ZBC_thumb2.jpg%27,1,0%29)

That is magnificent Andrei!

You’re getting a heap of comments, most of whom have stolen my thunder, so I won’t repeat. Well done.

Beautiful work ! What did you use for rendering ?

nice realism! this is great.

5 stars. :+1:

The skin is really realistic, great work!

5 stars for me also :+1: :+1: