Sketchbook (6/16/10) NEW***movies added pge 158/159/160

Hi all,just sharing some sketchs that i did and doing to my Zbrush class and to my Zbrush online class
i will try post always updates here.
some times i spend 40 minutes ,or one hour working on it ,just using a base mesh from XSI
Comments will be welcome

here`s one sketch that i did to my last lesson.


You model a LOT! :smiley:

Just started and already looking great. :+1:

I like it very much. He looks like a hard-boiled detective, a gumshoe, a sleuth, a private dick; and all those other terms they used in those old detective movies.

COOOOL he looks great fits the real cleshe of private investigators :smiley:

ior-calin-thank you!


Webhead-thank you!

ibrahim_gabr-thank you!


Wow really well done. He looks like someone (like someone in particular in a movie) but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe just cause he has a universal face and look of the private investigator. But really, really well done. I love the feel of it.

Lead character from HellBlazer comic book…

zbrush online class?

Cool character…hope ya take him on down the road…i see some fun possibilities there.

this guy has a ton of character and looks like he strayed unknowingly into the world of 3d from straight out of a comic book… I hope you keep going with him

Seavannah-thank you!!

Crusoe the Painter-thank you!! yes! it looks like, but i got my reference fro Sin City characters .

aminuts-thank you! yes ,i am teaching in a school call Melies ,and there i teach traditional sculpt and Zbrush ,i am working right now on a Zbrush online class.The class will teach how to sculpt characters and creatures in Zbrush .

SalmonGod-thank you!


When I first saw this I thought it was Bruce Campbell. Great job, anyhow.

Nicely done!

…and to me he looks like Dennis Quaid! Great job Alex

avatarsw-thank you!

dlb-thank you!

alancamara-thank you!!


Looking nice dude, reminds me of Bruce Willis :slight_smile:

You are a modelling machine Alex. Don’t know how can you find the energy and not get bored :slight_smile:
The model is very expressive.
I’m a film noire fan, so maybe you can make a rendering in the Renaissanceor Sin City style.

wow…alex its perfect…nice proggress
i dunno what the hell is this * man…sorry…it part of his dialogue
…i like it…keep it up

PedramK-yes! Bruce Wills `s expressions was my influence to do this! thanks!

undoz-thank you, i love do it! some times i do it just for fun! thank you!

skulll_monster-ahahhahaah ,great! thanks!!


this guy is definitively from “sin city” (clive owen) at least the first pics look like him