Here’s something I’ve been chipping away at in my lunchtimes. It started as a speedsculpt whilst listening to this crazy song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sNi9nIXxVo, but ended up as a small scene.
The piece was created from scratch using dynamesh, shadowbox and the new clip/insert brushes inside zbrush. I polypainted the parts, lit the scene with lightcaps, rendered using passes from BPR and composited them in Photoshop.




seriously cool man, love the rendering.

very good

great sculpt and realy nice render.
I realy like this image !

Good stuff… but you have to remove the swastika symbol in order to avoid discussions of trolls

Amazing. Excellent render, very cool character, you did a really good job of creating her expression… I can sense the disdain she has for whoever she’s looking at :smiley:

Screw trolls! This forum is way too cool for them!

Wow!!! Really nice piece!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

Really awesome render and lighting in this one, deserevs top row imo :+1:

:smiley: Any chance of a tutorial on your skin color ? :+1:

Like it! Very cool.

Very beautiful. I love the render!

I love every bit of this. I can feel her impatience, and the weight and detail that all of the items have is great! I would love to see this rendered in a more traditional render package! Great Work!

this is really incredible. fantastic!

some steampunk in it ! amazing ! congrats !

great but i dont like the shoulder****

wow… absolutely beautiful work…

I really like this, great piece. (the song was funny too)
I’d like to see some flat grey-scale renders too.
Awesome work, keep it up. :+1:

Really awesome work! Any chance of you sharing your polypainting workflow?

Crazy good. I am actually pretty surprised this was lit/rendered in Zbrush.