Self Portrait

Hey there! It’s been a long time since my last post here (sorry, lot of things to do!)

This is my attempt to create a self-portrait in my own style. It was a very enjoyable work, because I was able to test everything that I’ve learned so far, as hardsurface modeling, character development, texturing, lighting and shadind skills and also try new things as curly hair! heh!

I would like to thanks to all my friends at TechnoImage - specially to my friend Saulo Brito (http://saulobrito.blogspot.com.br/), who made the original 2d concept - to my wife and everyone who helped me! =)

Hope you guys like it! Check ouy my website (www.vitorugo.com) for more info and HR version! =)










Wow…really great work. I especially like the final rendered output. Top row quality! Great job!

Top row! Love the chibi style proportions and shaders and materials are incredible. The skin imprefections are a nice touch too, just a touch of detail but not too much.

Ha! This is great. I love how the render came out. Very well done!!

Great! Really!
Congrat Vitorugo.


Great image!

i´m love with your surfacing touch! superb work

Thank you guys for the awesome feedback! Soon I’ll try to share some stuff about this one =)

Wow, what an amazing job, love the mix of realism and cartoony nature. Congrats on a job well done!

I have to say Chap, you do have a rather large head. A part from your deformity, this is an amazing piece of
person work and I hope to see much more from you. As opposed to my complexity in modeling and texturing an
many other on this forum this is simple but striking. For people like me, a piece or two like this would be welcome
in my portfolio, something of simplicity and focus on character (ambiance).
Can not fault your work, maybe hair …but honestly who cares? This is a great picture and should be on the top row.
To cut this at the throat so I prevent a self rant, it is obvious you are “very” passionate about CG. This should be something
the moderators have to factor into their judgement of “Is this top row?” Not just technical aspect which we mostly see.

Well done, again. This sits joyously as my wallpaper, an aid if you will for inspiration.


hi victor …love your work… but this is definetly my favorite - TOPROW if you ask me :smiley:
…love the scene and the character …greatly done …

i would love if you could share some of your material settings for vray, please

Outstanding!!! Superb work! Congrats Vitor! TOP ROW!!!

I can’t believe how good your work is. I totally missed the Blanka vs. Dhalsim piece. This thread should have hit top row multiple times by now.

Muito foda man :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hi there,

Really nice render! Keep it up!

Congrats Vitor! your work is truly an inspiration!:+1:

hah! Thanks everyone! Not sure if it’s a top row deserver - but I’ll won’t deny that it would be awesome! hahahaha!

Sure dude! Give me some hours to organize everything up! it’s some pretty simple shaders/maps - no secret at all! =)

This is awesome. I definitely see this guy/you in a Pixar type of film. :+1:

I have to agree, this is complete win. Nice work.