Sébastien Legrain A.K.A Sebcesoir

Hi! It’s Séastien Legrain, actually Character modeler for viddo games.

I’ve been using Zbrush since the release2, and I’ve been beta testing the version3.

It hard to say witch would be my favorite fearture…

The layer syteme is very powerfull to improve character production, and allow easy changes.

Added to the awsome realtime rendering and the turnable ability, I can quickly make high quality preview of my work.

Click here for the turnable (10 megs)


You can also import multiple objects very easily form an external programm, they fit in there position. It’s very usefull to mix mechanical and organic parts…

Here’s a turnable of the textured version, painted in zbrush, and rendered in realtime (12 megs):


One other benefit of working with multiple objects is that it allows to work with a HUGE polycount…

Most parts of this gun contains the same amount of polygons than zbrush 2 could handle on 1, and the same pc…!<!–attachment-3.jpg|586x720



Yowzer! Amazing pieces!

Robocop! :slight_smile:

Top notch detailing as usual.

good stuff Seb!!! :+1:

Realistic is NOT the word.
Just real. That fits it just right…
Gonna leave that Robocop turtable up and playing all night, lol!

Seb- As usual great images!! Truly stunning, thanks for sharing and always enjoy seeing more of your work. :+1: :+1:

I’d buy THAT for a dollar! :smiley:

Love the roboCop… amazing model and texture… was it rendered in ZB3 as well? :+1: :+1:

My jaw has droped, this is just great work. Thankyou for the videos. These turntables, are they actual zbrush renders?

Seb how does it feel to be that good at 3d? :slight_smile:
I mean do you still think you could be better than that :question:
Your models are freakin awesome! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

it is not the first time i see you making head with mechanicals and organics parts…

I would just know something about the polycount how many triangles your head modeling take?

By the way and as usual awesome work well done Seb :+1:
the only thing where we can recognize your arts works is about the ears :laughing:


Looks like HDRi where used for these turntable renders , I could be wrong of corse.

Hey Seb, seems that ZB 3 will help you to do better and better ! Nice to see you art again ! Give us more, when you could ! cheers !

Thanks a lot for the comments!

The turnables are 100% done in zbrush, no tweaking of any type.
Also its 100% realtime rendering.
What you see in the video is what runs in realtime when I sculpt…!

Ben merde Seb t’as pris du niveau depuis ta sorti de l’eesa … felicitation, ton robocop est magnifique :slight_smile:

Thats truly fantastic. Real time redering like that is unbeleavable. The skin looks spot on and the metal reflection looks awsome. On the other head the spec looks in his eyes looks great. I know your limited to what you can say but it realy does look like there are some realy good new shaders in ZB3.

If you have any more time to post any more please do. :+1:

Wow ! Incredible ! loved all your models here !
Great to see your work here. :slight_smile:

Congratulations !

First compliments on the great models, second thanks for the movies and the so exciting scraps of information!! :sunglasses:

How on Earth do you get such realistic eyes in ZBrush? They look like you plucked them from a real person’s head.


His are the most unique of all the testers! AWeSOME work.