Sculptris Pro in Action with Pablo Munoz Gomez


What do all of the animals above have in common?

Every single one of them was sculpted from the sphere that it’s standing on. They weren’t placed on their spheres but rather created from the base sphere’s geometry using the power of Sculptris Pro – the new sculpting mode (just one of the many new features) included in [COLOR="#FFA500"]ZBrush 2018.

We are pleased to bring to you a series of time lapse videos showing the creation of these adorable creatures. Each video in this 10-part series shows the creation of a different animal. By watching them you will see exactly how this dynamic new feature allowed Pablo to break free from topology restraints and just… sculpt!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

And if you haven’t jumped to ZBrush 2018 yet, what are you waiting for? :slight_smile: It’s a free upgrade for all registered ZBrush users and also available for a limited time at the ZBrush 4R8 price of $795 USD.

Will the new daily video be posted here?

very funny !!!:smiley:
great sculpt and inspiring !
I can’t wait for the next one!

Awesome and thank you for uploading these. Can’t wait to see them all!
Question: Rendered in ZBrush or Keyshot?

Theses are fun and educational, looking forward to trying the new features, thanks!

What settings did you use for these. They are fantastic. In the crab video it looks like you seperated geometry to pull out some legs.

So much fun to watch!!
I tried to write down tips about Sculptris Pro. I guess,even a nobrainer needs some basic understanding. And some short sentences can explain the magic of long movies :wink: Maybe you want to join?

When I see these wonderful sculpts, there is one thing that is still unclear to me: do you remesh these Sculptris Pro meshes just like we are used to do with Dynameshes? I mean: the whole lot with lower res, projection etc…
( I am, by nature, more a quad that a tri lover)

@Mahlikus The Black - cheers! I do a test render inside ZBrush with a clay material towards the end of each sketch, but the final render is Keyshot.

@womball - Thanks! just the default settings for most of them. In a couple of the upcoming videos, I switch off the ‘Adaptive size’ of Sculptris Pro and used the SubDivide Size to ‘manually’ decide when to add more geometry, but is a super simple workflow. I also played with the UnDivide ratio in the Smooth Brush with ‘Use global’ off (Brush palette > Sculptris Pro) so that when I smooth the surface, I get bigger polygons… what you saw on the video of the Crab: you can keep smoothing until you ‘break’ apart the geometry (even with the default settings).

@Knacki - Thank you for putting that thread together, it’s going to be very helpful. I’m also putting together a guide to explain some of the new features and how I used them during the BETA testing time, but I’ll do my best to contribute to the thread if I can.

@Erik Heyninck - Sure, it depends on what you’d like to achieve. in the case of these little ‘aniballs’ I didn’t do any projection or retopo since I was practically erasing one sculpt and starting the next one on top. However, you can totally follow the process you described >>>> 3D concept with Sculptris Pro > retopo > subdivide > project, etc… In fact, Sculptris Pro can be enabled for the ‘ZProject’ brush, which is pretty cool. I used this trick to project the wrinkles and skin details on this model.

I’m loving these videos by the way. In the crab video when you smoothed the mesh to break off a piece of the model to create the limbs, it looks like you pieced portions of the limbs back together. Well, while I was testing out the Sculptris pro feature, I couldn’t get portions of separate objects to come back together to create one object. Is there something I’m missing or does Sculptris Pro allow you to bring 2 or more objects together to create 1 object piece that’s connected to each other? I hope my question makes sense…


Hi @Pablender !
As I have said, I like very much your sculpts and I watch them every day!
I have a question for you: I have watched the video#6 many times, but I can’t understand how did you do those plaques on the back of the snail…I see that you mask some dots, smooth them all and then…you magically transform them in craters with a rock texture on the side…
I have tryed to replicate them with deformers, but…
Could you explain me (us) how to reach such a beautiful and fast effect?
Thanks in advance!

Super fun & inspiring - thanks for taking the time to make these :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1: More great betaworks in your thread too:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

@selahpoetic - I believe there is no way to combine back two pieces of geometry with Sculptris pro. With the crab, I separated the pieces for the legs and create polygroups (with autogroup) to be able to select and mask them quickly. However, if you need to combine a separated mesh into one, you can always use Dynamesh. I hope that helps.

@xexex - Thanks! I’m glad you like the videos. with the snail spots, is actually very simple: 1. mask some dots, 2. invert mask, 3. use the smooth brush with Sculptris Pro and a smaller size to create more geometry, 4. blur the mask a bit, 5. use inflate to push the polygons on their normals. Once you create the basic ‘bumpy’ shape of the crater, you can play around with growing the mask and inflate/deflate a bit more, to tighten the polygons. The details are produced by the difference in tesselation at the edge between the masked and unmasked area. I hope this helps.

Wonderful , wonderful Pablo :+1:
The fact that you can work at that speed whilst playing all the musical instruments astounds me .

Looking forward to the geeky breakdowns - will you post them here or on your site?

Not sure about Sculptris Pro but In ZB2018 “Remesh by Union” blends two shapes together.

  1. Snakehook2 the mesh close to each other,
  2. then inflate untill they overlap
  3. enter gizmo> Customize (gear icon)
  4. “Remesh by Union”zb2018_RemeshUnion.jpg



Thanks a lot!!
I 've tried end it is a fast, simple and… amazing technique!!!:+1:

SculptrisPro feature is a Godsend!!! Amazing vids!

so funny!!
what reference/ conzepts do you use?


sadicusNot sure about Sculptris Pro but In ZB2018 “Remesh by Union” blends two shapes together.

  1. Snakehook2 the mesh close to each other,
  2. then inflate untill they overlap
  3. enter gizmo> Customize (gear icon)
  4. “Remesh by Union”

I forgot that was mentioned in one of the streams I saw. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to try that as well.


Hey @Pablo I noticed when watching these videos (which I have been watching quite frequently) that you add more geometry (or tessellation I should say) to the sculpted object BEFORE, you actually add any detail. and it looks as though it’s a subtle stroke that you apply just to get more geometry in the area’s you plan to add detail to later. Could you tell me how you’re doing that? what brush are you using to do that? Could it be any brush that works with Sculptris pro and you just turn down the Z intensity?