Sculptris Pro in Action with Pablo Munoz Gomez

10/10… Fantastic work Pablo (Pablander)

Wow - I just saw Pablanders wonderful page about zBrush2018.
Sculptris Pro and all other new features are most attractive and effective explained.


Almost a must. Thanks a lot for this, Pablo!

I hope you allow me to link again to our Sculptris Pro tips and tricks thread here on ZBC, where one can find additional information:

Unfortunately, I can’t edit first post anymore to keep all information in first post.

@boozy floozie - hahah thanks mate! glad you like the videos. There isn’t much of a breakdown of these series other than maybe some more in-depth explanation of the steps or processes I use. I’ll make a quick guide with some tips and tricks for sure and it will be on the website but you can keep an eye on this thread and I’ll link to it here as well.

@azy noob - cheers. for reference I use a bunch of animal images, a few cartoon images to get an idea of what parts to exaggerate and liquify over the references photoshop to get some quick ideas of what to do.

@selahpoetic - yes that is very easy. I just took the smooth brush and removed the Z intensity completely (set the slider to 0). If you set up the smooth brush like that and enable Sculptris Pro, it’s like having a decimation / tessellation brush. it will only create polygons where you ‘smooth’ and the number of polygons will be determined by the SubDiv amount and the brush size. The reason why I use it sometimes (like in the videos) is to get a sharper mask… more polygons means a cleaner edge on the mas before I do anything with that mask. - Hope this helps!

@Wyattfox - Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I’m glad you like the series.

@Knacki - no worries mate! I’m glad you found it useful.

Hey guys, I hope this thread is still active. I did a quick ZBrush session today using Sculptris Pro and polypaint and I thought you might find it interesting since texturing and polypainting wasn’t part of the time-lapse series for the ‘animals on spheres’.

hope you guys like it!:

Time-lapse video HERE