Scott Spencer - ZBrush images


Im Scott Spencer the lead digital sculptor at Gentle Giant Studios in Burbank, CA. Thank you to Pixologic for letting us use ZBrush 3 in our pipeline. It has made a LOT of projects we have done here possible. I am most impressed with Transpose, polypaint, mesh extraction, and the exciting new brushes! Oh, and I cannot forget viewport sculpting… oh and layers…

Thanks again guys! I hope you all enjoy the images.

The above figure was sculpted in ZBrush, posed with transpose, then printed in parts on a 3D printer then cast in clay. These parts reassembled, touched up, and molded again to be cast in resin. The armor is directly from output ZBrush files and the painted parts are actual 3d outputs. Overall the piece took 3 weeks and a lot of people worked on it. It was done for Sega/Secret Level for the game Golden Axe. Same for the skeletons below. Original designs from Secret Level/Massive Black further developed at GGS.
I want to call out by name Javier , Dan Katcher, Nobuteru Sasagawa, Brian Dullahan, and Mark Dedecker.

This figure was composed entirely of subtools and posed for output.

This zombie was an experiement in subtools and mesh extraction.




Oh, man…I want these to be from a “Army of Darkness 2”!!!

Gifted work, man. ;o)

Scott S.- Great images, really like that zombie flow you showed. Layers really must of came in handy on that model. Keep your works coming can’t wait to see more! :+1: :+1:

Just amazing how the digital sculpt turned up so well using 3d printer! So amazing!

Great job Scott !
Seeing this 3D stuff in real is really cool. I have experimented it last year. A great feeling to see it real, and to touch it…

Thanks for this and thanks again for your cool tutorials !

Hey scott, thanks for posting these images they are very cool and detailed. :+1:

Great Scott! (sorry)

I was amazed to see the final real output. I was not aware that 3D printers
had that kind of resolution.

What does that look like REALLY close up?

I had looked at samples from a few 3D printing companies and they just weren’t
up to the point of usability.

Can a figure be modelled and textured in ZB, output by a 3D printer and then used
in production of a toy without any filling or refining?

Zbrush… truly amazing!

Fantastic work, my friend! Great seeing some of your latest:)

How did you make those chains on the creature? Imported mesh? or somekind of z3 trickery? It’s witchcraft!!

They are all amazing creatures!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

excellent work!!!

i’m running out of things to say because my mind is becoming catatonic by both amazement and the torture of the realization for how many days are left…not to mention us mac guys :slight_smile:

  • putting in inspiration folder :wink:

the workflow on that zombie is a great example of just how many doors this mesh extraction feature is going to open for everybody… incredible

Great work,Scott! Your stuff gets better and better everytime I see it.

Wow level table-top piece, Scott. Wild designs all around. Trying to come to grips with the possiblities here. 50.

Awesome work…

I as several thousand other folks are stunned by your work…

Just a lowly pee on’s quick unworthy opinion…

wwwwwo[size=6]oowww w w w … yoU made me crazey…thank you for tutorial…please MORE…gimme more…!!!

Oh wow!. I can’t believe shome of the work you guys are doing. I love the creature.

Thanks ot everyone for the kind words! Im glad you like the stuff we have been doing. I hope to show you all more VERY soon.


Hey Scott, I told you before, but I really love these things. Must be wild to see your digital stuff output to physical models… keep up the great work!

wow, amazing
very very good

Yet again more fine modelling. :+1: