Scared Silly Entry - Eddie Ellis

Hi Guys,

Well my entry is called “dont Play with your food”


sorry about the extreme roughness of the pic, i just want to get into modelling. Basically my idea is of a Zombie Baby eating the brains from a servered head… i did have allot more idea’s regarding the scared silly part but non of which really showed zb off for what it is…

anyway i hope my entry sickens you :evil:



Hey Eddie Ellis, no the concept doesn’t really sicken me, I think its really funny. :lol: I hope you do it in a cartoony style though, I think that would be hilarious. If you do it at all realistically it certainly would sicken me. :o

hey man, im affraid its gunna be photoralism all the way mate :evil:

Completely bonkers! Love it! Good luck with the execution.

I think this could be a really rewarding subject, when you tackle it right =) good luck!

I don’t know about funny, but it would be infinitely scarier if the kid weren’t a zombie. The cuter the baby, the deeper the horror.

Likewise, you’re not really invested once your head’s cut off. I’d make the victim fully conscious of what’s happening to them.

…which brings up the question of motivation. Why not simply overpower the child? Nobody wants their brains eaten.

Three answers:

A) They’re injured or tied up or otherwise incapacitated.

B) The kid’s got hypnotic powers. (and really, if you give a kid hypnotic powers before they grow out of the “claw at things and put everything in their mouth” phase, that’s sort of inevitable. they’re practically zombies to begin with.)

C) The victim is a willing participant. Proud and strong and trying to do right by their obviously disturbed child.

…okay, that’s all I got. Time to seek therapy!

Eddie Ellis - i just remembered the child-zombie from “Braindead”… i really loved his dirty nose and crazy smile!


I agree somewhat with Ctrl-Z comment about the kid being cuter to make it more disturbing. But, I understand you want a zombie kid because zombies are the ones that supposedly eat brains. So, I suggest sticking with zombie kid, but make him a cute zombie kid. Maybe not so bloody. I don’t know, just my 2 cents.

For what it’s worth, although it’s really too early in your work process to know these sorts of things for certain, having the “cute” zombie kid eat the brains from a severed head does sound a bit disturbing, but not necessarily in a positive way. The theme of the contest is a bit more farcical in nature. This sounds a bit “on the nose” , like straight-up horror.

Of course, I don’t have any idea of the ways you might have been planning to “spin” the image visually, or any of the other ideas you might have had. This is just my initial reaction to your proposed concept, so please feel free to ignore me.

Best of Luck!

I like it, but then I’m properly twisted. I don’t remember anywhere in the rules saying how sick your humour could be so I say go for it!

Pete B

geeze, this is going to be good, if that kid looks as cute as i think he’ll look this will be a tastey one.:lol:

Pass the Ketchup :+1:

wow thanks guys, i didn’t expect such i good response :evil:

ok well i have to admit that i didn’t really see the part about the image having to be humorous and my initial idea was poor horror. so i have tweaked alittle to conform to the rules.

My idea is still really the same, im going for a semi cute semi zombie baby picking the eyeball out of a servered head, but where the brains would be its now full of sweets, abit like a pinarta…

anyway here’s a quick visual done in max to give you an idea on compersition and roughing out idea’s.


well guys , ive started to model this morning… i’ll do the base in max as im crap with z-sphere’s, then refine and detail, texture in zb. back to max for rendering.

this i how far i got


That’s a great start are you going to make the baby look really decomposed or just a little scary looking like the zombies in 28 days later?

To be honest I still like the brains idea, I think sweets gives out a confused message considering the realism.

Pete B

hey eddie, very nice start keep it up :+1:

fizzy : im not sure yet mate, i think a decaying baby would fit more to the challenge but i just cant get the horror of the 28days later baby out of my mind or the remake of dawn of the dead. i think i may fore go the sweets… but its still open

nightwoodwolf : thanks dude

anyway just playing today… put some eye in the baby, as i wanted to get the cuteness right before zombiefying him… i may glaze the eye’s over, but not sure how as eye have always been a stumbling block to me


Looking good, Eddie, glad to see your in on this. :+1: :smiley:

Thanks Will

managed to get some more work done today, still fleshing out the baby, some in max some in ZB


Looks very nice so far Eddie(and creepy too) !

Keep it up