Scared Silly Entry - Eddie Ellis

thanks Lucky

Well i thought i would put the mother in now, i dont think ill have time to finish before the end of the month, as im moving house next week. But gunna still carry on anyway.

hope you like


Nice concept! The eyes are looking pretty good. Although, I’m not sure if you need to move the right one over or if that’s just the shadow that’s kind of wierd. Anyhow, it looks great. When you zombify it it’ll probably be unnoticable anyway.

Btw I like how you said “compersition” it reminded me of my grandmer(lol) that was from UK as well.

This will be off the hook soon enough… :cool:

Ed maybe the food head should be sitting on the neck stump with the top of the head caved in, rather than laying down as it is at the moment, just a thought… :wink:

How you doing? I was REALLY interested in seeing this one finished, one day to go!

Hi Eddie, good luck with the project. I’m looking forward to seeing it when its finished. :slight_smile: