Scared Silly Entry by Ralf Stumpf


Hello, I would like to participate in the challenge.
I have one or maybe two weeks time for this.

The idea: a “Halloween Night Corpse Ride”
A dead boy rides with his self made wooden car through the halloween night.

The notion is not complete yet, but I would like to make it as a halloween toy set.
I think about the design for the main character yet, I hope to start on monday.
I use my normal workflow for this: Maya and ZBrush for base meshes, ZBrush for detailing,
sculpting and rendering, PS for compositing and color correction. But I also try some new
techniques for this.

Hope you will like it. Good luck and fun for all challengers.


Ralf Stumpf

Very cool start Ralf! I love it! :smiley: :+1:

Hi Ralf
feel glad to see more of your work.
Wish you “good ideas” and good luck

GREAT I was hoping to see something from you since it seems right up your street! really looking forward to this :smiley:

Sounds like a cool concept of course… I have always loved your work and the fact that you have helped so many including myself. Can’t wait to see it finished… I have no doubt it will be a treat.:smiley:

Damn he noticed the competition, there goes first prize! :smiley:

Good to have you on board Ralf. I know your gonna blow us all away on this! :+1:

Sounds great Ralf; I feel like I’m sitting down to a good movie. :slight_smile:

Yes, sounds really good.:smiley:
Viel Erfolg. :+1:

@Dustbin: Don’t worry, the competition is all, winning is (almost :sunglasses: ) nothing.:laughing:

Very cool idea, sounds fun and nice opening image to get things rolling! :wink:

I love the idea.

It looks like it will be a very dynamic picture with an adventure flavor.

Looking forward to see the updates.

Good Luck

Hello and thanks for the welcome.

To warm up for the contest I start with a pumpkin.
Hope you like it.


Ralf Stumpf


I see the thumbnail …I like it and wouldn’t you know it… it’s because it’s a Stumpf.

What a guy. :+1: :+1: :+1:

I have always liked the well-taken care of style of Ralf Stumpf
, its quality, details and presentation of his works. It has really warmed up the competition!
:+1: :slight_smile: :+1:

Very cool Ralf! :+1: :wink:

great start Ralf :+1:

Hello, thanks for comments.

I made a small character for the scene.
Hope you like it.


Ralf Stumpf


i gotta say it scares me a little bit to see that u participate the way u post ur images is pretty professional u even got a logo! :cry: but nonetheless a very nice worm u got there great colouring! where are u from ur name sounds pretty german am i right? cheers

Sweet and wonderful.

Great stuff, Ralf!

Love your sculpting, and use of colors.

Wonderful! :smiley:

Wow, that’s awsome. How in the world do you always have such clean and tight meshes?

Eveything I make ends up with dents in it whether I want dents or don’t want any dents, I end up with dents…

I like your color scheme too.