Scared Silly Entry by Michael Docking

Hey, this is my first entry to a comp here, so i will see how it goes.

Details of pic:
What i plan on doing is, It will be trick or treat night, there will be a mummie opening the door to give candy, and there will be a monster (like werewolf or demon) playing trick or treat, they will be dressed in a suit with bulging material showing their muscles and a bit ripped at the seams, like a shirt that doesnt fit, and wearing a human mask, someone well known, such as george bush. The mummie will jump back scared with arms in front of their face, candy flying everywhere, and maybe the bandages scared off. The view will be from inside the house, looking out of the door to the street.

I had a couple of other ideas as well, but thought this would make a more funny scared silly entry. Let me know what you guys think.

I plan on creating base meshes in XSI and ZB depending on object, then doing all texturing/sculpting etc in ZB. Seeing how it goes, maybe the final render in XSI, and after composited in PS.

I will post a sketch soon.

I like your idea! It has alot of possibilities based on who or what could be in it, as well as veiwing angles… :wink:

Thanks sirquadalot, yeh it does, you can pretty much put any sort of character in and change the angles etc, i think keeping it to some pretty common characters will be a good way to do it, i had a think about the angles, and in my head thought that to be the better one, the one that could see all the actions in the one frame.

Here is the sketch for the scene i have in mind for my entry. Drawn in ZB. Let me know what you think etc etc


scene sketch.jpg

like this concept. Like the mummy family house lol. Just a thought maybe do a side view with the scary monster outside and the mummy stepping slightly out side to give the candy and looking up as if realizing it is not a little kid but a big monster in george bush costume. that way maybe you can see both faces and the monster doesn’t look like it is breaking and entering. can’t wait to see this one all fleshed out.:+1:

hehe neat idea looking forward for more

Thanks Seavannah, I was wondering other ways i can get a good view, i think you have just given it to me :).

Thanks, i hope i can get it to look the way i want :smiley:

I was thinking about moving the camera so you could see from the interior out, viewing the trick or treater from inside the house…through a window perhaps?

I have done a quick mockup of the scene, just trying to work out some angles etc, let me know what you think and any ideas etc. Im thinking of number 5 myself, but let me know. Thanks







I was planning on doing the base in XSI, but thought i would have a go at the zspheres ZB. Took a few hours to get it to something i liked and had pictured, let me know what you think, this is the base mesh im working on after converting to polymesh3d. Crit more then welcome :smiley:


mons 01.jpg

mons 02.jpg

Hey, I like like the 2nd and 5th camera tests. It would be interesting to see a window in the 2nd test with the monster inside peeking out. And in the 5th have the monster inside cowering behind a closed door. Either would be cool! The monster you are currently modeling, is he the trick or treater?

Hey sirquadalot, thanks, i like your idea with him cowering behind the closed door, whilst the camera view looking through the window. i could also maybe place the trick or treater at the window looking in to see if anyone was there :), and maybe making him a smaller kid monster, add to the humor as well as the curious type being a kid and all. At the moment i was gonna make the monster pictured the trickster, but i could picture him cowering behind the door, and playing with his eyes giving him the shock/scared value as they will be biggish.

Here is a new scene thrown together with sirquadalot idea, thanks, i could probably play with dif poses, i had better keep goign :slight_smile:


sketch idea 02.jpg

That seriously made me tear up laughing! :smiley: Keep playing with the camera angle a little bit more though, and I think you might have hit it spot on. I had to look at your sketch again just one more time to see if it made me laugh, and it really did! I like the almost commatose, drooling monster…with it’s tongue hanging out! It would be really funny and emotive if he was in the fetal position sucking his thumb! I could see that!:cool: -Brian

Thanks :D, yeh after i drew it the angle was a bit too high and far out, i was planning on having it lower and a lil closer. the modelling is going good, but im gonna take time on the transpose, cos its still pretty new to me. haha i didnt think of having a tongue or him sucking his thumb, but i think its a goer :). Thanks again :slight_smile:

Here is the progress of my scene. I FIIINNNNNALLLY managed to get some decent displacement maps for the house out of and into XSI. I also have the door, hinges and handle all displaced, door has a normal map on it, which if i get time i will change to a disp map, maybe depending if it is needed. All colour maps painted in ZB, and imported to XSI. scene with one spot (moon) and one point light in the room on ceiling. Plan on adding curtains, glass window, and maybe flowers in a vase, along with monsters of course :smiley:


scene 02.jpg

[scene 02.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘73237’,‘scene 02.jpg’,1,0))

For some reason the image doesnt upload into the main msg window :S oh well, have to place as thumbnails. here it is :smiley:

Here is my scared monster all detailed up and the start of the colouring :smiley:

crit more then welcome :D[monster col 02.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘73432’,‘monster col 01.jpg’,1,0))


monster col 01.jpg

I have been having some render problems in xsi with mental ray, for some reason the maps and sizes and the subds seem to continually make xsi crash at render. I managed to get in a low res render which i will post tonight. I still have some work to do, mosnter with mask, vase and curtains, but im hoping it will get done tonight :smiley: