Scared Silly Entry by Lyle Moore

Thanks for the comments.

The suit will have stitches. I have to re-topo it and I was going to include them more in the bump map once I get the UV’s done.

I modeled the mom up tonight.

She is still rough because she ma not be fully visible in the final.


Looking good. The boys costume is realy nice.

Thanks Kosova

Sorry no update tonight. I have been laying out UVs and starting to put together the sceen.


I got to laying out Uv’s today and started painting up some maps.

This still needs a lot of work, but it is an update.

It will have sucker on the bottom.



Wow, the tenticle is lookin really sweet, would look cool with a wet look on it, tho being a costume it might not have it, great progress :smiley:

Thanks XsiA,

This is a little update.



O my god that is way over the top! :lol: Have you figured out your camera angle yet? Just curious what the final will look like.

I am playing with this angle right now becaue I think he is going to be in a small room.

But input is strongly welcome.

Last post before bed.

Maid UVs for the legs and started putting textures on them.

Also, I did a render from the wrong cam and my wife wanted me to post it.





Whoa, that is looking really cool, just an idea, i like the first angle, it shows the extremities close up, but thats me, but my idea, when you build the room he is in, maybe you can pose the tentacles around the room like bunching up over itself and on the ceiling so it looks like it struggles to fit in the room, just to emphasise how big it is, just an idea :slight_smile:

i like this queer looking octopus / man eating plant too, congrats m8

Thanks for the comments.

The tentacles will be bent all around the room.

More to come tonight.

As A parent who is out of control when it comes to making Halloween costumes for my kids I can really appreciate where you are coming from on this piece. Looking forward to the finished version.

Hi All,

Just some small updates tonight.

Worked on the kids face.

I was also able to model up some sucker for the tentacles but they are not in the sceen yet.





Ha! That’s funny! amazing work, still interested to see where the gremlins fit into this.

This is coming on along great! That child face is so creepy to me…

Just another small update.

I am finally working on the main body and gremlin type characters now.


Great work!!! :+1:

Love the perspective! This is gonna be one crazy pic! :smiley: :+1: