Scared Silly Entry by Lyle Moore





OK. this is just an initial sculpt of what i am thinking.

My inspiration comes from Boo from Monsters Inc. and the little brother from the Christmas story about the boy who wanted a Red Rider gun and couldn’t move in his snow suit.

Basically this little guy asked his mom to be the Kraken for Halloween and she has taken it way too far.

This is just the very start of my sculpt of the suit.


That is soooo funny. I remember my stepson’s Halloweens when he was still a child…one year he wanted to be a wizard, and my wife and I teamed up to make his costume. It ended up so elaborate, that he couldn’t keep up with his trick or treat buddies and ended up sitting on the curb crying his eyes off. We took him home and let him change costumes (a hobo, if I remember correctly) and his night was saved.

Excellent modeling on the boy’s face. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the comment Slosh

This is an initial sculpt of the little guys candy basket. This is going to have the topology re-done.



This is just a test render of the candy basket.

This is a small element so I just may do a bump map for it.


That’s coming along really well. Love the Concept! :lol:

Just a question:

I want to include Gremlins in my picture.

Does this comprimise me in the contest for using copywriten material?

Also, do you think I should try and come up with my own gremlin type monster?

Simple answer, if you have to ask, then don’t risk it.


Sorry, forgot to say, that’s some great work there! the idea is funny and unique. :smiley:

I felt the same way Dustbin_uk

this is the concept for the creatures that are going to be puttinghim in the suit.

This is still very much a WIP


Looks good! You say these little fellas are going putting him in the costume?


So who’s the kids parents then Satan and his wife?



Looks great! Can’t wait to see some RGB on this!


Ha! Looking cool. I like all the teeth.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

I had a little more time to work on him tonight.

Started on the tentacles.


Oh, that poor kid! LOL

Hi LittleDedder

This concept’s looking interesting - has great potential; I guess you’ll be
posing the kid up later on to appear a little more ‘trapped and tormented’ ?

Looking forward to further updates :slight_smile:


Yes I am going to pose the face and legs to look uncomfortable.


Hey Lyle,

Cool model and very funny concept :+1:
Maybe the mom could look like the “perfect mom” without the horns -Kinda like the one I’ve attached- The Kraken costume could have stitches (after all it’s a “home made” costume… just my suggestions :wink:

Keep up the good work Lyle :+1:



Yowza! That’s a crazy costume. Looking great! :+1:

Thats pretty sweet, progress so far is going well, i can picture this crying kid walking down trhew street holding up traffic and other kids laughing at him. Gret work :slight_smile: