Scared Silly Entry by Luc Lambrechts

Hi people…

… I’m in for my first time challenge…


It’s gonna be a nerdy monster(named Dumbball) who’s wearing stupid/nerdy props like braces, a cap, glasses… etc…(and he’s out of shape)

The final pic will probably be a shot on a filmset where the monster will look stupid/silly instead of scary…

The sketch started out as pen(Bic) on paper, next scanned and imported into PhotoShop.
Sideview was painted with the mouse:(

Good luck and a lot of Zbrush fun to all participants :slight_smile:


Looks sweet!:+1:

I cant wait to see where you’ll take it.

Thanks highlander_72,…curious myself :slight_smile:

Here’s a little start:


I should scale up his teeth probably…

Hope you like it.


Hi, guess you all like it so far … :smiley:

anayway, here’s a quick step I usually take:
It’s fast and easy: (especially when you don’t know what you’re doing :lol: )


Next putting his teeth in…
I will retop him when the basicforms are done…

Thanks for your time

Forgot to tell: shader is Ralph Stumpf’s (RS sculpy)


Nice work lucky! He looks great!

Great start! nice character :lol:

nice start man… i wish i could model with z-spheres

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

back to Zbrush:


no teeth yet…

looks great i love the braces, this is a great start.

Thanks threetails !

A major change of idea:
2 monsters(dad and son? ( big and a small one)) are having fun(laughing with) on halloween night (wearing pumpkinhats) playing with a handpuppet – a human head.
Gonna give the braces probably to the small (son?) one.

again quick previz in PS: (2 new tools)



I like the cap too, unless maybe you could make the pumplin hollow with the eyes and mouth cut out and the pumplin cut or broken in half with that over his head?
Just an idea.

Great modeling so far.

Great concept and very funny. The braces makes the whole thing. Very good sculpting work!

Hi, thank you all very much for the comments…
I followed most of the given advise…:

still a lot of ground to cover …



One of the funniest entries I’ve seen. Great work. Only crit would be to consider changing the design of the human mask into something a bit more nerdy or even cartoon-stylized, big eared, buck-toothed, braces, taped glasses looking, to play off the design of the monsters.

Thanks ravioli_rancher !
I’ll consider your comments …anyway here’s a quick paint over in Photoshop…
(makes design decisions(color) alot easier - for me)


Next: I’m gonna (hope so) finish the main character Dumbbal (sculpting) …


Great stuff. Keep going!

The onion character thing reminds me of the mandragora characters out of the final fantasy series.

Edit: I didnt see the side view. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi people,
a little update:the main characters/props

[![r10d.jpg|761x678](upload://a5EwqHqURievyTtT1qoCPvF26CF.jpeg)] to do list: sculpting: alot (hands are very rough at the moment)...braces for dumbbal..etc texturing: never used Zapplink before pose Render and paintover Great...only 4 tasks left :lol: cu Lucky

nevermind the floating tooth

great work!

Alex Oliver

Great Work and very cool concept!