Scared Silly Entry by Luc Lambrechts

great work!

Alex Oliver

Great Work and very cool concept!

nice changes, looking really good, i really like the pumpkin magot.

This should be great. Funny Characters.

Awesome character design. I love the pumkin maggot.

Ha ha love the look of the characters. I think yours and my monster go to the same gym :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the finished look.

Fizzy, garyhanna, Blaine91555, SolidSnakexxx ,Alexleia and Threetails,
Thank you very much !

Here’s again a small update:
Polypainting and Zapplink: the pumpkinmaggot (Cranked up the saturation in PS)





very nice characters … keep it up

I have to be honest, I was wondering about this entry for some time…the initial sketch was interesting, though I didn’t quite understand the theme. As you’ve posted your progress, I’m really digging the modeling and all the little elements. I really am looking forward to seeing the final composition. Nice work, Lucky.

Slosh, nightwoodwolf many thanks for the comments !

Last update for today:



This is cool, that human mask is really helped out by those stitches. I think those pumkin dudes are also well made. Looking forward to seeing this one completed.

Well done!

Cool idea and nice modeling. :+1:
The human-mask-idea is great. :laughing:

Thank you very much for the comments guys !
here’s a quick paint over in Photoshop…

This wil be probably my last update before the final piece…
still a lot issues to fix… :confused:


2 of november, does anyone knows which timezone, or is it pixologictime :smiley: ?


This is already looking great the way it is now…good luck

good stuff

Nice colors!..maybe the characters ned more work in the skin texture. :+1:

hey Lucky_1 your image looks really cool … models and colors and everything

very good job and good luck :+1:

Thanks guys :)!

Well here is the final image: I added a small poke - story - only for fun :smiley:
The background was painted/created in Photoshop.
Used software: Zbrush and photoshop




Brilliant, I love all the small details. The head looks great.

Well done, looks like you’ve put a lot of love…and horror into this.

Good Luck!

Pete B

love the characters