Scared Silly Entry by Jesse Heath

Hey everyone, this is my Scared Silly concept sketch. I am calling it “Where Candy Corn Comes From”. :lol: The sketch was started in Photoshop and finished in Zbrush.
I plan to start modeling the characters tomorrow and hopefully post some wips.
Comments and critiques welcome! :slight_smile:

CC Wip ZBC copy.jpg

faster than a speeding bullet… so is the candy coming from the scarecrows bum ?.. now that would be scarey… nice start dude

Eddie Ellis, I couldn’t sleep last night :rolleyes: so I figured I might as well get to work on this, and yes the candy corn is coming from the scarecrows bum. :lol:

Here is my first wip, the boy in the cow costume, I have been having a lot of fun modeling him. I haven’t done cartoony stuff before, but I really like it. Its nice not to worry about anatomy for a change. :rolleyes: :lol:

Everything modeled in Zbrush mostly form Zspheres, the head was made from a head base that I made from ZS and re-topoed, and the bucket was make from primitives. I used Marcus Civis’s zscrip “change res” for the hands.

Critiques and comets welcome! :slight_smile:

cow wip zbc copy.jpg

Here is a wip of the scarecrows head, made from Zshperes, with a bit of poly painting.
This forums is pretty quiet, everyone must be working on there concept, :qu: trying to come up with something better than poop jokes. :lol: :rolleyes:

Comments and Critiques Welcome!

SC head copy.jpg

Wow! now that’s cool, and already this far too!

Not only is one of the kids mostly done but that pumpkin looks amazing!:+1:

After seeing this, I can see this is going to be one tough competition!!!

Well done so far! :smiley:

Haha … great cow costume! The pumpkin head is awesome too. I don’t think you need any C&C yet … you’re making fantastic progress.

Great fun! I like the pumpkin. There are a lot of teats on that cow costume! :wink:

hahaha! I didn’t notice that! :lol:

It’s discouraging to see you having made so much progress already while I’m still struggling to get a sketch done. Great idea, good luck, and I look forward to seeing more!

Hey thanks for your comments!

dustbin1_uk, Thanks!

Moochie, Thanks, glad you like the cow, I modeled it first because I really thought it would be fun/funny.

marcus_civis, thanks, You can never have too many Teats! :laughing: :roll_eyes:

Bingo_Jackson, don’t feel to discouraged, :cry: your idea rocks. :+1: I have allot of free time right now, so the timing is prefect for me, I also have not been able to sleep, so that has helped, but isn’t always fun. :roll_eyes:

Here is a wip of the candy pooing scarecrow. Originally I thought my concept was pretty random but if you think about it, it all makes sense. The scarecrow is in the corn field all day eating corn. [color=orange]The corn is transformed inside of him by the magic of Halloween and presto! He poos out candy corn for all to enjoy! Makes sense Right? :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Ful sc 1 copy.jpg

PS. I hate candy corn!


Interesting idea/concept… slightly disturbing but in a good way :wink: . Enjoying the 3D elements you’ve posted they look very sweet! Be interesting to see them layed out in the composition. I praise your enthusiasm and pace on finishing your theme!!

One small idea would be to have the “candy corn” trickling down and hitting the pile on the ground maybe a few pieces bouncing into the air as it hits the “pile” as it is ehem pouring form the scarecrow. Its what hit me when viewing your latest update of the full version scare crow, just food for thought friend, keep up the great work!! :+1: :+1:

Wow! Good work so far! Hey wait a min… i used to have a shirt like that!

Well done, amazing modeling work. I think the shirt needs to be toned down a bit, but I guess it’s too early to tell.

Just so you know, I’m rooting for this one to win one of the prizes. :+1: :smiley: :+1:

wow, yours is far along. i like the cow suit, cute yet creepy, good luck.

Your pumpkin and scarecrow is looking good, but to be honest, that’s nasty lol.

…and at the same time, I can relate.

Haha, funny idea! :smiley: Looks like you’re making good progress.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

AngelJ thanks, “One small idea would be to have the “candy corn” trickling down and hitting the pile” I had thought about that but I was worried that would be a little to nasty. :lol: I will have to give it a try and see. It would certainly drive the point home.

dustbin1_uk , Um ya I was planning to give the shirt back after the completion. :lol: I agree it looks a bit off I need to tone it down and ruff it up a bit, also the way it is painted now , an of the sculpted detail is washed out. I would love to win one of the prizes thanks man.

threetails thanks!

WOODY- this coming from a guy who has something about running over poo with the lawn mower in there signature! I bet you can relate. :lol:

Marsyas thanks.

Here is a wip of the pug in the tutu, I am finally starting to like the way the tutu is looking.

PUG WIP EYS copy.jpg

C&C welcome

envy you! very cool models so far!!


hehe - Harmonic’s showing us that this can also be a speed modeling challenge. ;o)

That pug is seriously scary! :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha ha! That tutu is funny!