Scared Silly Entry by Geoff Priest

Hi folks. :slight_smile:

Finally thought of something I might like to do:

A little witch who has conjured something unexpected from her cauldron.

The sketch is pretty muddy but it’s enough for me to begin.


Have you figured out what software you’re going to use yet? I’m trying to strictly keep with ZBrush with using Photoshop for compositing. That would probably be more of a challenge than this contest itself lol.

Starting to block in the scene…


Hi, -WOODY-: I’ll likely stick with ZBrush and Photoshop too. You’re right about it being a challenge though–I’d love to have a ground plane and some multiple views to set up my scene…

Hey Marsyas, good start. :+1: Is the unexpected something in the cauldron a good looking wizard?

Marsyas - cool idea and good-looking start!

a cauldron is a cool object to model, i like the idea of lots-o-bubbles inside!

have fun and good luck,


Ho! You work FAST!!!

Looking good so far! Best of luck!

hey good start, can’t see much from the sketch but i like the idea of the cauldren being so big that you need a ladder, looks like it will make a real good composition

you move fast… nice concept. i like the way you set up your scene and i can’t wait to see what the unexpected “thing” is.

Started working on the ‘creature’ today, and tried a rough placement. I’d forgotten how fun zspheres can be! Especially for skeletons.


Harmonic: That would be funny! The witch will be very young though–I’m aiming a bit for ‘cute’. And I want something that will put a scared expression on her face.

chemkid: Thanks!

dustbin1_uk: Thanks! I think I’m actually kinda slow, hehe (that was a long, late night…)

hitch: Thanks! It’s big for the witch cuz she’s just gonna be a little girl. :wink:

threetails: Thank you! The ‘thing’ is just a ghoulie, as you can see. I’ll be fleshing it up a bit though to give it personality.

Really coming along cant wait for some high resi images :smiley:

Heh! your doing better than me at the moment. I hate working two jobs! :cry:

I like the floating frame you’ve got there, good idea!

Started the witch and her grimoire, which she drops out of fright:

Cracked open good ole’ ZBrush 2 for the book. Probably spent way too much time making it from zspheres but it was a nice challenge.


duckstab: Thanks! Probably gonna be a while before any hi-res stuff. Just gonna keep slowly chipping away…

dustbin1_uk: Some pro will probably come along and blow us all out of the water, hehe. :wink: I’ve lost enough contests to stop worrying about winning or losing. :slight_smile: The frame was easy–I just sized a plane to the right dimensions, divided it until the outer polygons were the right width for a border, and then hid all the inner polygons.


Inspiring work. Your book modeling with Zsphere, and camera safe plane are awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing some of your dark ZBrush secrets. :lol:

And imagine if all the Z Beta Testers decided to take the month off and enter. That might be bad news for everyone else. Or make everyone just a bit more determined.

Hopefully a few will join in a Non-Competitive thread, like Auricks.

Anyway, amazing progress, and continued success on all things ZBrush. :cool:

Hi Marsyas! I missed your very cool start on this Contest… Bravo! :sunglasses: :+1:

Looken good. The book made of zspheres is fantastic, :+1: I would have never thought that.

the book is very cool. thanks for the idea!!


No crits to offer! this is looking fantastic so far! :+1: :smiley: :+1:

Some more stuff: cauldron handle, owl, and a bunch of rocks.

The rocks were a bit of a chore to place. I wish you could use the regular gyro to place subtools–sometimes the transpose line is just too slow to use for little things.

Z2 again for the cauldron handle. Z3 does funny things when you use symmetry on more than one axis when using zspheres.


ravioli_rancher: Thanks! Hehe, I wouldn’t mind the pros jumping in… make things fun. :wink:

piz: Thanks, piz!

Harmonic: Thanks! It was quite a challenge.

chemkid: Thank you!

dustbin1_uk: Thanks!

Great work. There’s some lovely zsphere work there - I especially like the book and the cauldron handle.

On moving small subtools with Transpose: you can drag out an action line so that it is quite large - adjust it by click+dragging on the orange ring. Then scale the whole of your model down to quickly move the object over a large distance and scale up for the fine adjustments.


Excellent modeling going on here! I will keeping an eye on this!