Scared Silly Entry by Dave Wolf

Hello all!

I am just starting to learn ZBrush (only a week), but I couldn’t resist this great competition!

The idea: It’s real simple, but great I think. There is a scary looking “pumpkin man” carving a jack-o-lantern out of the back of a human head. A mirror is proped up against the wall in the back, and you can see the expression on the human’s face. The Pumpkin Man is holding a carving knife, and the top of the humans head by his hair. On the table is an ice cream scooper and the humans brains, much like the guts of a pumpkin. The pumpkin’s teeth will be pumpkin seeds, and the gums will be the flesh or pulp of the pumkin.

I have attached a sketch of the idea as well as my work in progress. I’m learning as I go, but everyday new light is shed, and doors are opening everywhere! This program is so awesome and intuitive!!! I can’t wait until Z3 comes out for MAC.

Programs: ZBRUSH 2, maybe cinema 4D, and photoshop. ScaredSilly_sketch.jpg


Pumpkin Head_v02.jpg

sounds both dark and funny. perfect for this comp. Good luck with it, the pumpkin looks good so far!

hey cool pumpkin. It is coming along very well.

p.s. just a caution… chuck clayton is the person with the same idea and he is still in. There are some differneces between both of your ideas but still the same I would let him know that you are doing it. I am sure he will be fine with it for like you said he was leaning towards another idea but to be on the safe side. I would hate to see you both disqualified for the simularity. I am not saying you should stop with this idea but just let him know ok so he won’t do the same thing.

i like the sketch ! hope the model will be look like this sketch :wink:

and welcome :lol:

Thanks Dustbin!

I’ve attached a sketch and a revised model. I’m learning as I go, but I’ll keep pushing forward regardless. Yours looks like you are making some progress. Good luck!


Thanks for the post! I did run it by Chuck, and it looks like he is still going with number 2. I just wished I had registered and submitted earlier when I had the idea, so this wouldn’t have even been in question. Anyway, I have updated my thread with a sketch, and a revised model. I also want to say that it is very cool that you have been helping Chuck to learn this stuff. I’m brand new as well, but I’m really digging it so far!

Thanks Smeagol!

I hope it looks like the sketch as well! Are you entering anything? I don’t know if I saw you on here.

WOW! What a great sketch! And a really good start on the sculpting too! You’re way out ahead of me on the learning curve, that’s for sure. I couldn’t come anywhere even close to this yet. Of course, I haven’t had a lot of time to learn much. Too bloody busy.

And you’re right, it’s substantially different from my idea. Yours is more gruesome! :slight_smile: No questions, no problems. Don’t even think about it. It’s a great idea!

Really lookin’ good, Dave! Keep it up, and have fun!

Amazing sketch…if this was a drawing contest, I would vote for this one!

yeah ! well … yesterday i make some sketches and start the base mesh through zbrush .
i save the all process and ill post it today .
by the way , i forgot to tell you i did a pumpkin creature like you but
with preety diffrent idea .

You are a really good artist. that concept art is just so very awesome. I think your pumpkin head model is looking a lot like your concept art.
should you need anything let me know and I will do all I can as well although it seems as if you are already far beyond me as well. it is really awesome and I am hoping to see it finished soon. happy zhalloween!
p.s.Glad you worked it out with Morbius. I just don’t want Pixologic to disqualify anyone here at all if I can help it. isn’t interesting how two different people with different backgrounds could pull an idea like that out of the great void of artistry. happens a lot in the creative world. you two must employ the same muse. send your muse a message for me…Help, I am in need of a muse…lol. Keep up the good work and hope to see more excellent work from you.:smiley:

That concept sketch look wonderful! And the pumpkin head looks inline with it right down to the teeth! well done!

Eyyyuck!! And I mean that as a compliment:D

A very strong image.

My first impression was that there were two victims on the table. Perhaps you could lift the mirror up to sit on the table, and remove the reflection of the boy’s torso from the composition. Of course, in the final image all will be clearer, but there’s no need to add ambiguity where you don’t need it.

The pumpkin’s looking good. Have you tried applying the pinch brush to the creases? Pumpkins are all lumpy, but if you add a few sharp creases you’d improve the variety of your visual ‘vocabulary’.




Thanks for the nice comments, and the offer for help! So, have you decided on a direction yet? I think the best thing to do is come up with a few developments, really think them through, jot down notes and keywords, and then just roll with your best instinct. If you let your mind wander too much, your mind will keep going off in tangents. I always say, just stick with your gut, and make the best of what you have to work with. In real life you are thrown ideas that are not that great, but you as an artist have to make that idea great! I hope that helps, and I can’t wait to see some WIPs!


Thanks man! It’s just a work in progress, but I think it’s coming along!


Thanks so much for the consructive criticism! I definitely understand what you are saying about it appearing as if there are two victims. I didn’t develop the sketch the way I would have liked to, but I am going to make it instantly clear what’s going on in the final piece. I’m traditionally an Illustrator, so making an image read and tell the whole story at a quick glance is very important to me. Regardless, I appreciate you pointing that out, and don’t hesitate to continue critiquing my work.

I also appreciate the tip about pinching! I’m not done with model, but I will definitely apply the pinching tool! Cheers!!!

Hello Fellow ZBrushers! I hope all your projects are coming along well!

So, I created the pumpkin body with Z Spheres, and I thought I had a good grasp on how to use them… well, I was wrong! I ran into some twisting problems, so when I made an adaptive skin I couldn’t sculpt in the problem areas. I’m guessing that it is because the subdivisions are too few there, and the twisting just jacks them all up. If have attached some jpgs of the zspheres, and the skinned model (with highlighted problem areas.) If anyone would be so kind as to give me some direction or advice, I would be ever so appreciative! ZSpere_body.jpg




I think you can press control and mask out those areas. Flip the mask and then press Ctl D to sub devide. That should give you more poly’s to mess with.

Other than that you’ll need to use pinch, smooth and move tools to get things back to where you want them.
Other more experienced ZBrushers probably have better methods for this.

Thanks Dustbin… I shall give that a try. I didn’t know you could subdivide a selected area. Very Cool!!!

I guess the best way to solve this kind of problem is to do some Topology Reconstruction. U may separate the cloth from the base body mesh and use subtools. That’ll help u a lot in this issue.