Scared Silly Entry by Damien Canderle

Hi there,

Halloween is one of my favorite theme. i love it :D.
I’m not sure i will have enought time to finish this contest but it is the perfect time to try to make a frankenstein monster. I wanted to do one for a long time and now is the good time to try it.

My concept so far is pretty simple. i will try to make Frankenstein in a special costume he wear just for halloween.
i will put a 2D concept soon.

Welcome to the contest. :slight_smile: Please edit your thread’s title according to the contest rules. It must have your first and last name; not your ZBC user name.

ok, here is my 2d concept. Tell me what you think of it
thanks :smiley:




sweet ! im eagrly waiting to see how you going to excute it .

its great pleasure to compet against you . :smiley:

good luck !

Can’t say I’m glad to see you competing… My chances of winning have just taken a dramatic downturn… Especially since we are both making Frankenstein. Love your work… BTW…

I hope you’ll have the time to finish it. I can’t wait to see the result!

Yeah each Canderle creation is a visual feast
cant wait to start seeing the concept being produced.

I have the base mesh almost ready and all the subobject. i will start to add details now and try to find a good pose.


smeagol, thank you

Brutikong: it’s tue that we both are making frankenstein but the way we use it is very different. i like your concept and i really believe you got all your chances :wink:

iatriki: i hope too, but i’m still not sure yet. i use all the sparetime i can manage. btw you should participate too, i love your work, i’m sure you could do something amazing…

Porkpie Samurai: thank you too

Wow! Looks very good! :smiley: :+1:

Good to see you on board; love your work! The concepts gave me a vision of Frankenstein as a tragic clown, a real master of ceremony for the halloween feast. That’s gonna be fun, so I’m looking forward to the finish! :+1:

Great Frankie! Why not have him dancing like Pete Boyle in Young Frankentstein. That was truly silly! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :smiley:

good looking frankenstein! I’ll be starting my frank this week.

cooooool looking man :smiley:

Great work.

Looks very Karloff!

I’m sure this comes out great in the end. Very nice proportions of the hands.
I follow this thread.


Ralf Stumpf

Can’t wait for this one to be finished :+1:

hi all,

a quick updapte of the costume ad the hand, still in wip.
next update will be the head :wink:


Very nice sketch and modelling!
I particularly love the hands…movement and proportions…lovely :slight_smile:

sure this will be a great one once finished, as it already is :wink:

He looks very good! I love this Frankie! Bravo Maddam:smiley: :+1:

got some time work on franky :slight_smile:

here the workflow for the head; it’s still in wip but as you can see, i started out of a cube then worked on it and retopology it.