Scared Silly Entry by Cameron Farn

I’ve just started to think about what i will do, i will post a discription up later, this is going to be fun.

ok, i think i’m going to go with this one, a little kid monster standing infront of a morror or painting of his father, with a big axe behind his back, like he’s trying to hide it, but its impossible. nicely uplite with the caption,
“Now, What are the rules Weavel?”
“Finish them with the first Whap, and Daddy Always gets the hearts?”
“Good Boy”

That’s funny, I like the idea.

Just curious to see how you put this together. Good luck.

Creepy thought :+1:

here is a little sketch of the Weavel.



Nice sketches Cam :+1:

Bookmarked; and watching closely :slight_smile:




I want on those as a toy on my desk! Looking great!

Seriously cute character :+1: :+1: :+1:

Nice! Cool design and the updated 'hairstyle’s working well too :slight_smile:


Excellent cartoon style! :+1:

here is look at the poly paint in progress for weavel, i still have the big goofy bad guy to make , the mirror frame, floor and other elements as well.

this sure has been an experience so far, i like that i’ve had to explore and use so many of the new tools that are available, and i acutually have to finish to be in the contest, the toughest part of all.

Awwwww he looks cute. Can’t wait to see more of this. :):+1:

Hi Cam -

Good luck

Please contact us when possible :wink:



Vibrant character design. Beautiful simplified forms. The curves of the head, torso and feet play wonderfully off one another. :cool:

The concept is excellent, though, with image contests, captions might get discarded, unless they are included as part of the image, which might screw up the composition, colors, and focal point, catastrophically. :mad:

The character is so dagnab slick, though, so, hopefully, you’ll find a way to unify all the elements into a winning entry.

Great start and Z Work. :cool:


a little more polypaint and clean up.

Ahaha, sweet as, this sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: cant wait for more :smiley:

here is an update, built the axe using mesh extration after masking the profile on a 3d plane, using deformation, masks and the layer brush to work some forms in.
still lots to do but its been fun so far.

Here is a test composite with cs2, of the big bad and weavel. I still have alot of work to do with the lighting and some materials, as well as some tweeks for perspective, pose, color and stuff, all renders in ZB3.1 I havent had time to post a process yet, but I will soon.
test comp copy.jpg