Scared Silly Entry by Cameron Farn

Wow, looks pretty sweet, just some crit, to me i feel there is too much motion blur/depth of field on the eyes, maybe make some of the outer ones blurred while the inner are still and focussed? just my op :), love the lips and chin, also the texture too :smiley:

:laughing:… very Fun! :smiley: :+1:

Wow! This looks amazing! can’t wait to see the final render!

Ha! Love the tentacle-eyed monster. :+1:

Thanks everyone, I’m glad that you like it. I have added a few new elements to the image to help sell the the idea, without having a caption on the bottom of the page. Made changes to the facial expressions and body postioins and I will be posting one more test, and then the final before the deadline. To be honest, this is one of just a few images that I have ever taken to completion. I am by nature, a serial “Idea-ist” and after getting them on a page to document them It takes alot to go back and finish. If nothing else, this contest has helped to break a barrier i’ve struggled with for along time, the one hiding the finish line.

Hey threetails, im in the same boat, i think this might be my first ever final composition too, :), got a few days left, i have a tonne of work to do still :frowning:

XSI Apprentice, i’m just about done as well. Here is the latest test render with all the elements added, lights, new expressions and comp. I will be posting the final in the next few days.

This really is a great Idea, I hope it pays off!

Me too. I’m just putting together some of the progress shots and images to post up next. Be seeing them tommorow.

Here is my Final Image, thanks to everyone who stopped in for a look and for your encouragment. good luck to everyone. A larger version has been sent in along with the thumb nail image.

That is really great, Cam! First one finished, too. I love the little guy, but is it too late for a crit? I almost asked what happened to his axe, which was a great feature. Then I saw it…it looks a bit lost and didn’t stand out like I thought it would. I hope you are not offended by that late critique, but I only just now saw the final composition. Maybe a bit of post work would help make it stand out, so you don’t have to re-render. Maybe add a bit of a highlight to the points or something?? Anyway, top scores for you!!!


I’ve been looking at this one off and on and wasn’t sure about how it would end up but as you said you definitely added images that helped sell your concept idea better. I enjoy what you did on the final image. I suppose with all the fire its a HELLOWEEN theme or some type of outer abyssal plane of the underworld perhaps? Love the lil note hehe very funny!! Very good job and can’t wait to see the final render along side the rest of the great entries. :+1: :+1:

good final composition … good luck :+1:

Slosh, thanks for the critt, its never to late to improve your trick bag. I was trying to keep things subtle, mabye I went to far? If I am still allowed to adjust things, having sent in my final image, I’ll do an adjustment.

AngelJ, thank you very much, Hell-O-ween, love it, lets just say, Wee-evil and the Big-Bad, like it hot.

Nightwoodwolf, thanks very much.

Sweet dude, this has turned out to be a pretty cool idea :D, im sure it will get you far :D, nice final render too

i’m not sure how to post this quick time movie, other than a zip file and its not working, mabye i’m just to tired. if any one can help me out i would be thankful. images of the process are being put together, but i had a nice crash and some of my sub tools turned into spiney unusable forms, as well as loosing the zsphere form for the big bad.
Oh well, What do you do… i’ll have some process pics to put up soon, if things go well.

Hi Cam -

I’v sent you a PM about that - Looking good so far :slight_smile:


Congrats! Love the beastie’s expression and the commands on the scroll–absurdly silly. :+1:

axe copy.jpg


background copy.jpg

big bad2 copy.jpg

cane copy.jpg

here are the last of the tut’s that i had made, but time ran out on me to get them up before the lock down, cogratulations to everyone who participated, there is some wicked art work produced at ZBC, I frick’n love this place.

pumpkin snack 2 copy.jpg



weavel body2.jpg

ps2 comp.jpg