Scared Silly Entry by Brian Schlosser

Jeez, I almost hesitate to post my idea so soon, as I have a tendency to change my mind alot. But, as the rules state, that is OK. Anyway, my first idea involves a Halloween costume party attended by monsters. My scene will have the Frankenstein monster in a ballerina costume, wolfman in a bunny costume, and Dracula dressed as a cowboy. Dracula has just taken his turn bobbing for apples and the apple has become stuck on his fangs. The wolfman is beside himself laughing, and Frankie is just trying to look adorable.

I have recently created a male base mesh (09/14/2007), which I will post pics of below. I would like to use this for the creatures, but I might start a fresh one for the contest so I can show the work involved.

Male Mesh 091407.jpg

Holy cow, all the good ideas around here are making me nervous. :o :laughing: Great idea slosh. :+1:

Thanks, Harmonic. I just hope what’s in my mind can come out on the screen. :wink:

OK, I started with the easiest part…the apple for the dunking. Here is the finished apple, and I have recorded a zscript for its making. If time permits, I will annotate the zscript, winner or not. The script runs about 7 minutes. A little long for an apple, but I haven’t made a zbrush apple in about 5 years.




Excellent idea, Slosh. I was about to post a similar idea, with some large troll or cyclops dressed up in a lawyer costume. (Seriously, what could be scarier?) I’m looking forward to seeing your final sculpt.

Very good idea! Frankenstein in a ballerina outfit! hahahaha:D !

LOL I almost wet myself laughing when reading your idea!

Cool idea … very ambitious. Best of luck!

Cool idea, Brian! I´m eager to see how that turns out =)


Great idea!! Nice typed depication of what your going to try with your theme. Sounds hilarious, I know you’ll do a good job. For me when visualizing the concept… posing of the said “monsters” in costumes is what made me chuckle. I can see O’l Frankie shoulders tilted and hands clasped together with his legs bowed inward and left foot pranced on the ball of the foot looking like “adorable”. However you decide to do it, i’m sure it’ll be good. Can’t wait… keep up the good work :+1: :+1:. I’ll try to drop in on your guys on skype when I can here soon, been busy I’ve not even had a chance to try the update yet eep :confused:

Dang, Angel! That is exactly the pose I had in mind for Frankie! I’m not kidding. I will have him admiring himself in a mirror, probably. Oblivious to the happenings in the room. My biggest problem is composition, I think. I can’t figure out how much of the room to show, etc. I have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. I think Drac stomping off with the apple in his mouth, p’od is good. And of course, Wolfie will be howling with laughter (pun intended). Maybe as a fourth, the mummy dressed as a pirate, shrinking in fear as the perturbed Count is leaving the room.


:wink: Guess we just think alike. I can see what you mean … composition is everything. I think you determined where you want the center of attention to be focused which of course is the humorous antics of the “monsters” that said once posed and placed will give you a better outlook as to the background scenery. Remember a quick down and dirty sketch of your placement of the final arrangement can help clear up a lot of the “unknowns”.

Slosh - cool idea to record your modelling with zsripts. im thinking about putting everything into zscrips myself... never recorded any before, though. but i cant think of a better idea for pixologics request for a “making of”!

have fun,


What sucks is that I forgot to save the jack-o-lantern tool when I made it. So, I ran the script and it didn’t work correctly! So, I have to do the thing over again. Oh well, wasn’t that difficult anyway.

LOL Slosh! That’s harsh! :lol:

Recording movies might be a good backup plan in case the ZScripts don’t work out.

This will also help any prospective ZBrush users who might be following the contest see what’s up, since they can’t run scripts anyway.


Thank you for the scripts.

And your concept sound incredible. One of the most ambitious in the contest. Thanks for all the help and effort you’re putting into this. :cool:

i like the idea of the costums for these classic characters, it makes the gathering instantly ocward. nice idea.

Simple but hillarious:+1:

Bummer about the Pumpkin :cry:

Well, I was really, really hoping everyone else’s entries and ideas would suck, but sadly (for me) there is a flood of great ideas coming in. I’m going to have to step up my game in a big way. Well, time to grab a glass of wine and get to it.

I’ve decided to start the monster models from scratch. If Pixologic is requiring step-by-steps for the winners, I think I might be better of starting anew. I don’t have any stage pictures of the mesh I created previously, so it won’t help me or anyone else. This is going to be tough. Also, I am freaking out because I can’t seem to find a good way to compose the final image. I’ve sketched a bit, but I’m just not happy with anything.

I spent some time making a zif hand. I think, since my monsters will be in costume, that I might get away with creating a handless/headless body, then making each monster’s head seperately. The hands can go into sleeves. Here is an attempt at a zif hand. The 1st pic is the zsphere model, the 2nd is the adaptive skin. The third is the adaptive modified to slim the palm, then the 4th is the retopologized version. Further sculpting can now be done, such as knuckles, nails, creases, etc.

I can post some details on how this was done, if anyone wants. But I think the zsphere model is pretty easy to see the setup. The rest is just retopology.

If anyone is interested in having the retoped model, I am willing to share. Just ask, and ye shall receive.