Scared Silly Entry by Brian Rose

Hey guys, I just wanted to say…WOW!!! There are so many awesome, great, and fantastic ideas that have been posted! I hope mine will scare you silly as well…:smiley:

I’m thinking about the legend of Sleepy Hallow…and the headless horse man. Ichabod Crane was madly in love with Katrina Van Tassel, and from all accounts, he was let’s say…less of a man when it came to courage.

My concept is what would happen if Ichabod got some guts?

Maybe Katrina and him would play a game of, “pickle in the middle” with the Horse Man’s head. Expect a dirt road, spooky atmosphere, scary trees, and a fun couple playing catch with the ghost’s pumkin head, while his body plays the role of the pickle. This could be kinda cool. Please let me know what you think!

Sounds funny, :lol: I didn’t know what Pickle in the Middle was :o so I goggled it, thought I post it incase anyone else doesn’t know.

Keep Away, also called Monkey in the Middle, Piggy in the Middle or Pickle in a Dish, is a children’s game played primarily in North America and the United Kingdom. Two or more players must pass a ball to one another, while a player in the middle attempts to intercept it. The game could be considered a reverse form of dodgeball, because instead of trying to hit people in the middle with the ball, players attempt to keep the ball away from them.

Hey, sounds like a cool concept, i can visualise it pretty nicely :D, loved piggy/pickle in the middle, except when i was in the middle :frowning: haha, anyways. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Harmonic, Thank’s for posting the definition! I think that Ichabod and Katrina are going to be having ton’s of fun at the expence of the poor Horseman.

XSI Apprentice, thank you! It’s going to be pretty neat!

Hey guys! I had a little time today to do some sketching. This is one of the quick sketches I did that illustrates more or less how the final composition will look. This is just hand drawn quickly in my sketch book using ink and some color pencils. I was more concerned about the layout and camera positions than the quality of my rendering, but please any 121 is most welcomed! :smiley:



Hey, thats similar to what i pictured, tho it was almost reflected horizontal haha, not a bad layout, i had pictured them to be a little more centred and left to right, rather then the perspective view you have, with some trees in forground, like looking through a gap in them, and trees behind, if i get time i will draw what i mean :), but its looking good :smiley:

Just had another idea, could be funny having his horse off on the side eating some grass or laughing at him for all the bad times he has had, add to to humor, just a thought :slight_smile:

That sketch is funny :lol: I like it. I like XSI Apprentices idea about the horse laughing at him to.

Thanks guys for the input! I definetly need to think more about the horse’s relevence to the scene. My major problem with this composition is the figures in it. I was having a hard time composing a scene that demonstrates my environmental skills, well trying to portray character interaction. I more than likely will change the position of the characters in the final scene, but the sketch I posted was, the least obtrusive of them.:smiley: We shall see though! As far as foreground imagery, my sketch did not do it justice…plan on lots of heavy fog, tall grass, and if it works, a tree or two. :wink: Thanks again!

BTW, it takes me a long time to do a decent portrait. So I almost always have to laugh when I portray a person in a quick sketch. It reminds me of when I was 8. :smiley: Thanks again -Brian

Wow after all these years, I finally hit 1,000 posts… ! One post ago…yeah!

Hey Brian, Just had an idea for char/enviro interaction, you could put one of the kids hanging or sitting on a tree branch holding the head with headless below trying to jump up, then the other kid getting ready to catch the head a bit of a distance off, just an idea. i love the fog and long grass idea, dont think the fog should be too heavy, maybe so you cant see their feet clearly then rising to maybe the waist.

My quick protraits seem to turn out worse then an 8 year old :stuck_out_tongue: haha, more like a 3 or 4 :frowning:

Hey, i was drawing an idea that was given to me thought i would do yours at the same time. its pretty rough, not really any details, but just an idea i had in mind, dont laugh too much :P, but the horse is in the bg, theres a cobblestone path, some low lieing fog that goes off in distance, and well the rest…well…yeh


headless horsman idea.jpg

Thanks Michael for the sketch! As you know I was having a hard time placing the characters in the scene, and you accomplished this rather well. The pumpkin in the tree gave me a funny idea. Have the horse man’s head as a pinyatta (I’m sure I misspelled this…but you know the paper mache object with the candy inside). Maybe have Ichabod swinging at it with a stick, and the horseman’s body running to stop him? We shall see, I have to start Zsphereing some scary trees!

I just wanted to clarify, I’m planning on using a pumkin as the Horse man’s head.

Ahh cool, you made me think for a sec about the pumpkin, glad you clarified it :), sounds like a a good idea there :), i think some ZBed trees would look mighty sweet, some of those old hollows etc like the ones out of Sleep Hollow movie, i loved the dark eerie style it was done in too, good luck :slight_smile: Mick

Thank you! I must get to work!:smiley:

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post this little update showcasing one of the scary trees I’m working on. The base mesh for this model was created from Zspheres and then converted to a polymesh3D. I then added some edge loops in zbrush, and did a small amount of tweaking to the vertices. Hopefully I will have the finished sculpt and coloring done in a day or two. We shall see!

Yea! I was hoping to see some sculpting soon for this entry. I love the idea, seriously. Monkey in the middle (as we call it here) with the horseman’s head! How funny.

The first sketch looks interesting, nice winding path.

Hey guys, Thanks for posting! Slosh it’s great to see your in the contest! Sadicus thank you and I hope it looks better than this W.I.P image update of one of my trees! :smiley: