Scared Silly Entry by Arnab Roy

Ok so I am here!!! thats the scariest part,and the silliest partis,that I am here…heheheheheh :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !!!enough of it :evil:
OK here are my ideas:

Idea1 .Hallowen night discount offer on hats and caps and our headless freind from sleepy hollow is there before the store in "not so happy mood " taking the s**t out of the store keeper.

Idea 2: Dracula and his freind (the insect eating guy I dont know his name) have found the easy way out this time , they are sneeking into the bloodbank of a hospital with a empty container to fill :o !!!

Idea 3:Count dracula has gone to a barber shop for a haircut and the happy barber is showing mirrors very happily while obviously Mr count is not so happy with no reflection.

ok now thats three ideas I hav to work out quickly to finalize one by tomorrow and start workin on it.
Guys would u pls suggest me ,very fast , the most funny among this three.
(Aurik pls dont del this thread as I will be puttin my final thought tomorrow.)

I say number 2 all the way, :+1: very funny idea. :laughing: Someone already has a very similar idea to number 1, so I would avoid that one.

Ooooooooo, I’m torn between idea 2 and 3. Go with…2!..no…wait…3! nooooooo 2! That’s it that’s the one 2! yup stick with 3! no wait a min? :confused:

Seriously though, i really like idea 3, I could just imagine Dracula giving the barber a “are you taking the p**s?” look.

Best of luck to ya!

yeah in agreement number 2 sounds very funny

For what it’s worth, I would go with number 2, because it’s the easiest idea of the three to communicate.

Good luck!

Number Two sounds like the most fun to work with.

Good luck!

i like #3, it relies on alot more emoding from the models to sell the joke than the others. i think it could be a winner. good luck to you which ever you choose.

I’ll make it even harder. The Headless Horseman in a Hatshop tickled my funnybone.

Hi all thanks for ur reply guys :+1: ,though most of u guys told to go ith my second idea till somehow I feel I can perfom well with the third idea so here the concept sketch!!!

Hey Sagiarts! I love the sketch! You have a very nice style. I am really looking forward to seeing the progress in ZBrush. Keep it up! :smiley:

I love the idea and the humor.

Crit: Usually the barber would stand in front of the person getting the hair cut with a small mirror holding it in such a way so the person could see the back of their head in the big mirror.

Very good sketch though.

Sagiarts, very nice, I liked this idea the most. may i suggest some bad haircut posters in the background, think Floyds barbershop from Andy Griffith, he had a few posters about.

Hi all thank u guys for ur reply

Woody@:Thank u for ur crit I really appriciate ur effort I also thougt about the char. positions but **** figure out any better position then this where both of the chars can b seen with reflection. I will b very good if u can suggest me one or two with some very simple paintovers.

Fabritz@:Thanxxxxx a lot man that was so nice I def. like to get some images if u can send them my id is sagiarts@gmail.com

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Here’s just a quick sketched example of what I was talking about. I know it’s really tough to figure out how to position everything and still see all the important details. This is just a rough idea. The Dracula character is turned a bit to better face the barber yet you can still see him from a three quarter angle. You can also still see the barber in full and the mirror he’s holding.

The important parts of the story can be seen in the big mirror behind them. By showing only the important parts to the scene, it gives clues as to what the story is about without detracting from the main characters.

Hope this helps a little.


redo copy.jpg

Yeah, but I still think the barber should look nervious, as if he just realised his mistake.

Awesome, thats so funny, great idea, :D, does the barber survive after :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Very scarey, Woody… the poor guy’s gotta render a mirror in a mirror! LOLOLOL.

But it does solve the problem punchline, as well as of the barber not noticing the lack of reflection.

really funny love that you chose #3 love that idea best. Love the concept art you did, really great drawing. I agree with woody though the mirror and drac need different placement cause I had a hard time finding where the mirror was that he was supposed to be seeing his haircut in. it seemed as if the mirror that the barber was supposed to be holding was actually on the wall behind him. I would leave the barbers face alone I like the smugness of it as if he is almost laughing at him. Maybe put a bow or something funny with dracs hair as if the barber is making fun of him just a thought.:+1:

thats some great sketching you have got there lovin it !