Scared Silly Entry by Arnab Roy

Hi everybody!!!
thank u very much for ur replies!!! I realy realy appriciate everybodys effort that they spent so much of their precious time thinking about my thread.
I specially like to thank Woody that he even sent me a paintover thank u buddy!!! Thats really goin to help.
I was suffering from Virul Feaver this days so I was sick enough to start my work anyways now I got a bit better and starting off with my work.

You’re welcome sagiarts, good to hear you are feeling better. Now enough of this slacking off and get to modeling!

As soon as he hits the render button, he’ll travel back in time lol.

nice sketches and concept…
but why the barber wasnt freak out while doing the haircut???
as there werent any reflection of the dracula on the mirror infront of him???

Sure but he may just carry on hoping the vamp won’t bite him.

This my WIP on the dracula face hav a look:

yeah nice caricature

That’s some chin! Looking good, can’t wait to see it in colour!

It’s good to see your modeling is as good as your sketching ability. The entire concept here is great. Just as a side note, I really like the hair growing on the Count’s ears in your sketch. I don’t know why that stands out to me, but I think it’s funny.

Realy nice caricature! Keep it out! :+1:

i was hoping you would go for #3 noce sketch and model, its going to a sweet pic.

Awesome progress so far :slight_smile: love the model, i think the folds of skin are needed above the raised eyebrow, but other then that lookin good :smiley:

Love the start of your model keep up the great work. You are truly talented.

Really nice style. waiting 4 an update

hi all just wanted to post more but am badly caught in some work ,wish I could complete before deadline

Ah! I wondered where you were! :wink:

Sorry to hear your so busy, this is a great concept and I hope you get time to finish.

even if you have to simplify your concept a little, i hope to see your piece finished and up for voting, good luck.

I really enjoy your concept drawing. It will be fun watching how it translates.

Thank all of u very very much…thats so nice of u to encourage me so much thats what an artist live for .
And I assure u all that whatever it takes may some few extra hours of work even after my office overtimes I will finish this off …I promise.

How’s it going? nearly in the last 24 hours! I really wanted to see this one, it’s a great concept!!!