Scared Silly entry by Alex Velazquez


I think maybe you have been working to long on this. Take a days break, and then come back to it.

As someone who is viewing all the entries for the first time I would include yours in the top three. The concept is funny and the execution thus far is top notch.

Dont give up!

Regards, James. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

WHAT! What the heck are you talking about?

How you could think that the awsome job you did on this model is not of winning quality is beyond me.

It’s by far the best looking job I’ve seen so far, contest or not.

One way or the other, at least finish it. I’d really like to see it when it’s all complete.

Don’t do it ! You have to carry on. This is a really great concept and it is very well done. You have invested so much time already it would be a real shame to quit now. Finish it damn it.

Ah! No way! You can’t pull out now, this was looking amazing!!! :cry:


Woah… not finish?!? Definitely change your mind, this piece is coming along soo exquisitely!! I know it can be very compelling to see how many other great entries there are and think your doesn’t stack up but remember your not the only one viewing the work. The idea is solid and your execution of it is top notch!! Regardless of which ones win, this is will have the quality of a winner for sure!! Do your self and the rest of us here at ZBC a favor and please continue!! :+1: :+1: Will be watching for more updates :wink:

Quit… QUIT!!! You can’t, you just can’t. I haven’t looked through all the entries yet, but yours so far is the best I’ve seen. From concept to execution. It also looks like your one of the furthest along on the piece. Just think about how awesome your new Cintq will look sitting in your work area. You can do it!!:smiley: :+1:

Thanks fellas…I sincerely appreciate the support. I couldn’t bring myself to dissappoint so I’ve been cranking on my piece this weekend. I think i’m pretty much done with it. I’m not going to post up the final here just yet, I guess there are going to be some instructions about that…

Again thanks for the encouragement to finish. I’m going to soak my hands in ice water now :frowning:

Very well done indeed…I like the concept…

Small update… I made these reaaally quickly. Simple body mesh for a before and after surgery image in the background… It is very small and will be obscured, so I didn’t worry to much about making great anatomy… But it is another Zbrush asset in the image so I thought I’d post it…






I’m glad to see you continuing with it because this is a great piece and you’ve definitely got some talent!

I love everything about this so far. idea, modeling, detail, layout, texture.


Thanks for the laugh my friend, I had a good one when I saw the update with the before and after type pics. Hope they can be seen somewhere decently because its very very funny… adds more mirth to the image!! Can’t wait to see more… MORE! :+1: :+1:

YAY! Good to see your still here! Looking forward to this one!! :D:+1:

Kick Its A** and lets see the final result, this is a very cool sculpt and concept, I hope to see this complete, its a winner for sure.

I thought I would preface my Final post with my thoughts on my entry, my motivation behind it and my experience on this contest.

When I started, I knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make a piece that worked outside the boundaries of this contest, and outside of Halloween in general. Something that could work in July and ultimately something I could frame and put up on my wall.

I knew I wanted to make a piece that had some stylization, but that was rendered pretty realistic. And that had a subtle humor. Basically I wanted to make a Norman Rockwell painting in 3d. The more I worked on it the more I knew I wanted to make my piece a kind of homage to his work. If you don’t know Norman Rockwell I encourage you to google him. It guarantee it will be worth your time.

I don’t count how many megs or polys I use, but I used Max and mental ray for rendering the enviroment. I created a base mesh for Frankenstein (tweaked in Max), detailed, textured (polypainting and zapplink), and ultimately rendered him using multiple passes with standard and custom materials in zbrush. He was then composited and tweaked into my max rendered scene in photoshop.

It was a great learning experience, I definitely know zbrush much better than I did when I started the contest, Although I still can’t figure out what a multi marker is for…

Anyway enough of that… This is my final entry, thanks to all who commented and helped me finsh this piece… I’m pretty happy with it.




Looking Awsome.Good luck.

That is excellent. I’m glad you stuck with it and finished the contest. The rendering is perfect with the radiosity and soft lighting. It does have that Norman Rockwell feel to it.

Great job.

Amazing work - I love the subtlety of your idea.


Really glad you got it finished and I’m sure your as happy as we are that you did!! Gotta love the rockwell homeage. Regardless of the contest this one rocks, and we are the winners having been able to see it completed!!

This is simply brilliant!! I love it!

I missed your entry somehow…

This is absolutely fantastic work…